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Monday, July 21


What Dance Dance Kitten Did On Her Holiday

track title
1 New Shoes
Every girl needs a new pair of shoes now and then. Shiny shiny!
2 Pin the Tail on the Kitten
Eeyow! Not this kitten, silly!
3 Chocolate Salsa
On ice cream. Mmm.
4 Slow Paws
A little time to relax from the hectic bustle of kittenhood.
5 Railway Station Cafe
Lunch with Mummy and Daddy!
6 Lazy Sunday
Kittens need a lot of relaxing, y'know.
7 Moon Kitten
Moooon kitten! That's me! My favourite TV show.
8 Peaches and Cream
(Guilty look, wipes cream from whiskers, missing a bit.) What?
9 Rainy Day
Happens to even the best of holidays. Oh well, time to lie on the rug and catch up on my comic books and colouring in.
  New Orleans
10 Jam Tarts
Strawberry? Or cherry? Both! Always both!
11 Strolling Through Summertime
With my parasol and my new dress and my shiny shoes!
12 Tea and Toast
Tea time is the best time of day! Lunch time, that's the best too. Any time but bed time.
13 Roadside Attraction
Look! It's a... it's a... What is that, anyway?
14 Out on the Bay
Here fishy, fishy!
15 Always Going Home
All good things must come to an end, and all kittens must go home eventually.
all zip
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Who is Dance Dance Kitten? Although What Dance Dance Kitten Did On Her Holiday is listed as the third album in the series, it was in fact the first to be written. The name was, I think, inspired by two Japanese fads: Dance Dance Revolution, a video arcade dancing game, and Hello Kitty, Sanrio's horrifyingly cute flagship character.

I think of Dance Dance Kitten as a little girl - I picture her about four or five years old, with long dark hair and enormous eyes - who loves music, and loves to dance. I can't quite make up my mind whether she is a real kitten, a normal girl, or an anime-style catgirl. Whatever she is, she is Dance Dance Kitten.

In this album, DDK (for short) goes on holiday with her parents, first to Rio de Janiero, and then north to New Orleans. This gave me the excuse to play first with various Latin styles of music (using Acid Latin), and then with the excellent Vince Andrews loops for the second half.

Careful observers may note that the track names go from 8 (Peaches and Cream) to A (Rainy Day). What happened to 9? It was intended to be a number called Caramel Salsa - Chocolate's little sister - but I couldn't quite make it work. One day I may come back to it.

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