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Monday, July 21


Crunchy Frog Blues

track title
mp3 ogg story
  Long Dry Summer
1 Crunchy Frog Blues
1.9mb 1.9mb The frogs are blue because their pond is drying up. The grass and leaves are all dry and crunchy, and if rain doesn't come soon, the frogs will be crunchy too.
2 Tequila Mockingbird
4.0mb 3.6mb The mockingbird has left his tree for the big city, and can often been found in his favourite bar drinking tequila and listening to jazz and blues.
3 Stir-Fried Grasshopper
2.5mb 2.6mb Damn, that grasshopper is noisy! The summer heat has fried his brain and now he just sings all day long.
4 Electric Ant
3.0mb 2.7mb While the grasshopper plays, the industrious ants are busy working... Except for this one! This ant is electric, and she and her friends are making groovy music down in the basement of the ant hill. (Besides, it's cooler in the basement.)
5 Weasel Stomp
3.3mb 3.3mb We all know how weasels love to dance. Right? Right! The weasels have got together for a midsummer party. Let's make the floor shake!
6 Call of the Aardvark
2.5mb 2.4mb The weasels can party, but some of us have to work. Such is life for the aardvark. But at last it's Friday, and time for Mr Aardvark to head on home.
7 Bees and Butterflies
3.3mb 3.5mb The rains are late, and the bees and butterflies alike are suffering. A touching ballad about the plight of the insect life.
  The Big Wet
8 Rain Dance
7.2mb 7.2mb All the birds and animals and insects have got together to perform a rain dance to bring in the wet. But will they succeed?
9 Bugtown Boogie
4.5mb 5.0mb The rains have come at last, and all the bugs in Bugtown are boogieing their little hearts out. (Do insects have hearts? Well, these ones do!)
10 Return of the Electric Ant
6.4mb 5.9mb Liz, Harri and Su from EAO are back with more! The ant hill basement is really shaking now!
11 Hedgehog Shuffle
3.5mb 2.4mb Most of the time hedgehogs just shuffle along, but they can really move when they need to. Um, what was that you said? Sorry, I don't speak hedgehog. There's never a pocket translator around when you need one...
12 Tomboy Kitty's Big Day Out
6.4mb 6.1mb Meow! Meow! I want to go out!
13 Crunchy Frog Reprise
3.1mb 3.3mb Can't do anything around here without those darn frogs trying to get in on the act!
all zip
51.3mb 50.2mb  

Crunchy Frog Blues is the first track, and the first album, I wrote with Acid. After playing with Acid Express over Christmas 2000, I went out and bought a copy of Acid Rock at my local computer shop.

After installing the package and flipping through the manual, I sat down and created Crunchy Frog Blues (the track, not the album) in 45 minutes. I was so alarmed by this - what if I could never do it again? - that I was afraid to do any more work. Later that night, I sat down, steeled myself, and produced Tequila Mockingbird, Stir-Fried Grasshopper, and Electric Ant one after the other.

The first half of the album was (if I recall correctly) created entirely with Acid Rock. The second half, particularly Rain Dance and Tomboy Kitty's Big Day Out used a wider range of loops; those two tracks in particular being inspired by the thunder and rain sounds, and the "meow" sound respectively.

The name was inspired by the froglike bells (actually a synth) and puk puk sound (also a synth) in the title track, and of course by Monty Python's hilarious Crunchy Frog sketch.

The theme of drought and rain is natural for an Australian; I'm not sure exactly how it came to be, but the tracks naturally arranged themselves in the order you find them. The centre of the album is the sequence of Bees and Butterflies, Rain Dance and Bugtown Boogie: suffering, salvation and celebration. It wasn't planned, though: it just worked out that way.

The three tracks following Bugtown Boogie (particularly Tomboy Kitty) are just me playing around, but I think the results are pleasing.

And if you can tell me what Bees and Butterflies reminds you of, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks to Liz Formici, Harri "I'm a girl!" Apis, and Su Lepido of the Electric Ant Orchestra for their help with Electric Ant and Return of the Electric Ant. My first full album with the EAO is Return of the Return of the Electric Ant

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What Dance Dance Kitten Did On Her Holiday

track title
1 New Shoes
Every girl needs a new pair of shoes now and then. Shiny shiny!
2 Pin the Tail on the Kitten
Eeyow! Not this kitten, silly!
3 Chocolate Salsa
On ice cream. Mmm.
4 Slow Paws
A little time to relax from the hectic bustle of kittenhood.
5 Railway Station Cafe
Lunch with Mummy and Daddy!
6 Lazy Sunday
Kittens need a lot of relaxing, y'know.
7 Moon Kitten
Moooon kitten! That's me! My favourite TV show.
8 Peaches and Cream
(Guilty look, wipes cream from whiskers, missing a bit.) What?
9 Rainy Day
Happens to even the best of holidays. Oh well, time to lie on the rug and catch up on my comic books and colouring in.
  New Orleans
10 Jam Tarts
Strawberry? Or cherry? Both! Always both!
11 Strolling Through Summertime
With my parasol and my new dress and my shiny shoes!
12 Tea and Toast
Tea time is the best time of day! Lunch time, that's the best too. Any time but bed time.
13 Roadside Attraction
Look! It's a... it's a... What is that, anyway?
14 Out on the Bay
Here fishy, fishy!
15 Always Going Home
All good things must come to an end, and all kittens must go home eventually.
all zip
65.2mb 60.8mb

Who is Dance Dance Kitten? Although What Dance Dance Kitten Did On Her Holiday is listed as the third album in the series, it was in fact the first to be written. The name was, I think, inspired by two Japanese fads: Dance Dance Revolution, a video arcade dancing game, and Hello Kitty, Sanrio's horrifyingly cute flagship character.

I think of Dance Dance Kitten as a little girl - I picture her about four or five years old, with long dark hair and enormous eyes - who loves music, and loves to dance. I can't quite make up my mind whether she is a real kitten, a normal girl, or an anime-style catgirl. Whatever she is, she is Dance Dance Kitten.

In this album, DDK (for short) goes on holiday with her parents, first to Rio de Janiero, and then north to New Orleans. This gave me the excuse to play first with various Latin styles of music (using Acid Latin), and then with the excellent Vince Andrews loops for the second half.

Careful observers may note that the track names go from 8 (Peaches and Cream) to A (Rainy Day). What happened to 9? It was intended to be a number called Caramel Salsa - Chocolate's little sister - but I couldn't quite make it work. One day I may come back to it.

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