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Wakfu: Short Take

I'll post more on My Little Pony and Wakfu when I have a bit of free time, but here's a very quick rundown of the latter:

Wakfu the animated series feels at first like an attempt to either capitalise on or promote (or both) Wakfu the mumorpuger.  And despite a strong opening and some interesting world building, the first half of the series* devolves into an only moderately entertaing travelogue-with-monsters.


Fortunately, once you reach the midpoint, it starts to pick up.  Then it picks up some more.  Then it picks up some more.  Then it picks up a whole lot more, one by one the characters take a well-earned level in badass** and the ending is pretty damn awesome.

It doesn't hurt that much of the second half is spent in the Sadida Kingdom, and the Sadida*** women are gorgeous.


I like the character designs and artwork a lot, the voice acting is pretty solid, and the story does deliver if you stick with it.  Certainly better than you'd expect from a game tie-in.

* Actually, the first season from 2008; there's a second season airing right now.
** Or in Evangelyne's case, a level in A-10 Warthog.  Which is the same thing, only more so.
*** Yes.  And the chronomancers are called Xelor, and the healers are Eniripsa.

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1 my  younger sister also like cartoons, she can watch them for hours one after another untill my father won't switch off the computer. in her opinion the best cartoon is rapunzel. absolutely amazing everything. i advise you to looksmile

Posted by: Artym Tverdov at Friday, June 17 2011 07:27 PM (y+NTh)

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