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The Stupid, It Burns

Some of the later comments come from people with some sort of clue, but  there really are people who think Expelled has some sort of value, rather than being a lie based on a lie based on a lie.

Congratulations.  The Religious Right has found its Michael Moore.

(Via Instapundit, who writes At any rate, according to the comments, at least, there's more to the film than I.D. twaddle.  Yeah.  The film blames the Holocaust on Charles Darwin.  That's something more than the usual I.D. twaddle alright.)

Update: Stupidity abounds.  Again, some well-informed souls brave the fires of wilful ignorance, but the post and the comments thread alike are, for the most part, hot air.

Update the Second: Glenn has now added a link to Expelled Exposed - possibly because I emailed that link to him, though he adds:
I hate writing about this stuff because -- pardon me while I speak plainly -- the people on both sides of this issue are assholes. I mean, even by the low standards of Internet discussion. I'm getting email calling me a "theocon shill" for mentioning Stein, and email telling me I'll burn in hell for calling Intelligent Design "pernicious twaddle." Frankly, the rabid atheists and the rabid creationists seem an awful lot alike, and no proper hell could be truly hellish without the both of them yammering away at each other. Feh.
There's a certain degree of truth in this, but the two groups are not equally detestable.  While I dislike unnecessary rudeness at any time, if you insist on being rude, it helps to also be right.  cf. Gregory House.

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1 One should never debate a creationist without first locking up all breakable items within reach... including the creationist.


Posted by: J Greely at Monday, April 21 2008 07:00 AM (2XtN5)

2 Have you ever noticed how atheists on TV are always grumpy old men?

(Except for StarGate... the whole SG-1 team are atheists, if you watch closely enough. But you have to really look for it.)

And House is a drug addict to boot. But at least he's funny. grin

Posted by: Yahzi at Tuesday, April 22 2008 01:23 PM (yn9dj)

3 Well, SG-1 has a good reason for their atheism - they meet the gods every week. wink

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, April 22 2008 02:23 PM (PiXy!)

4 Ya - and every other week, they kill one. grin

One of my favorite moments: Teal'c has been brain-washed by Apothesis and is back to worshiping him. Carter is trying to argue with him, and he says, "Why do you challenge my faith? I don't challenge yours." And she says, "That's different."

Putting that cop-out in the mouth of that character served two purposes: it let the script-writers say something they could never say out loud, and it was funny as heck.

Posted by: Yahzi at Tuesday, April 22 2008 03:35 PM (yn9dj)

5 erm....i called dr. reynolds a theocon shill, andrew.
it was me.

i am so exercised about Expelled because it is just IQ-baiting.

i mailed dr. trying to get chaos-manner to talk about it.

Posted by: matoko_chan at Wednesday, April 23 2008 02:39 AM (bqE4v)

6 dr.reynolds did tell me that he linked expelledexposed bcause you asked him too.
it was a really good thing i think.
charles and zombie defended evolution over 2500 comments
charles has over 30 trackbacks
capn ed got of which was t'other one was dr. reynolds.

so cool to watch....memetic transmission and diffusion ...
right out of cavalli-sforza

Posted by: matoko_chan at Wednesday, April 23 2008 02:47 AM (bqE4v)

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