Tuesday, December 11


Some People Have All The Leak

That memory leak came back and took the site down again.

Why didn't the monitoring system send me an email....  Oh, it did?  Like, an hour ago?  Ugh.  Never mind.

I've increased the server size to 16GB (way more than it really needs, once I track down the leak) and added a daily restart of the application, which will take about three seconds.  Three years of that will equal what just happened, so that's a reasonable tradeoff.  Actually, I think with 16GB of RAM it might not be possible for it to run out; even with the leak it should only ever reach 12GB.

We'll should be moving over to the new server at Christmas, which won't do this.

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1 If it were the 90s you could have it send you a page. smile

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, December 12 2018 12:18 AM (Q/JG2)

2 I can get it to SMS me but they don't have a cheap plan that does that.  Goes straight from free to expensive.

I'll look for something cheap with an SMS option as backup.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, December 12 2018 12:46 AM (PiXy!)

3 There used to be some cheapish third-party services you could use; essentially you'd be pre-paying for a block of messages.  Also, at least over here, there are email-to-sms gateways where you could just email your ten-digit phone number at a phone-company-specific email address, eg 5551234567@vtext.com for a Verizon phone number.  No idea if those exist in Oz.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, December 12 2018 01:07 AM (Q/JG2)

4 A quick search suggests you can't do it for free, because Australia uses "sender pays" instead of "both pay" on SMS.  For Telstra you'd have to buy some addon service.  In the US the recipient would get charged for the message but the sender doesn't when using the email-to-sms gateway.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, December 12 2018 01:10 AM (Q/JG2)

5 Yes, that's why all the services charge for SMS delivery, because it has to work internationally, and the rates in many countries are absurd.  But I don't mind spending a few bucks a month to get a prompt alert if anything goes wrong.  Much prefer that to waking up in the morning and finding something's been down all night.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, December 12 2018 01:23 AM (PiXy!)

6 Best price I saw was about $19/mo, or a block of texts at 4 cents each, minimum price $100 (but subsequent purchases cost closer to 7 cents.)

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, December 12 2018 01:39 AM (Q/JG2)

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