Monday, August 23


Sneaky Bastards

I caught the first debut and the council meeting - spaced out over 9 hours starting at 3AM did not make it timezone friendly, even though I managed to get a few hours sleep beforehand.

And then, right at the end:

There's another one.  Their account has been in stealth mode on Twitter since May.

Meanwhile, I just checked out Lumi from Cyberlive - the boing boing girl who plays Kerbal Space Program and sings in harmony with herself in Swahili, and she was discussing the history of musical scales in Western music with chat and also herpetology and the etymology of the names of the Micronesian island states.  In Minecraft.

Update: Just tuned in to Pina's Minecraft stream and Lumi was fangirling in the chat.  There's a lot of that - Kiara is a huge fan of Pomu from Nijisanji, and Pomu is a Pikamee fan.

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