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Power is out at the new hosting company where Ace lives - and may be out for a day or two.  After power went out, they switched to generator backup.

Then one of the backup generators caught fire.

It was promptly put out, but power has been cut to the entire building and won't be restored until there's been a safety inspection.

I had a whole bunch of his content already in this server and activated his site over here, but that slowed the server to a crawl, and I had to hide older posts while I sorted that out.

All the content is safe and will be progressively re-enabled.  Should all be back tomorrow.

Update: We also have four servers at the same datacenter at my day job.  It's the big data crunching cluster I mentioned before, including the massive 128-core Epyc server.

That server - with complete backups of all the critical data - is now back online.  So is the one that caused me so much trouble that my boss authorised a 128-core replacement without a second thought.

I was half expecting none of the servers to survive except the broken one.  At least I'm spared that nightmare.

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1 I know this must be a horrible PITA, Pixy.  Thank you for packing thirty hours of effort into twenty-four.
This server isn't all bad.  I finally got ampersands.
{{{Pixy Misa}}}

Posted by: creeper at Wednesday, April 07 2021 12:03 AM (XxJt1)

2 thanks for the update....thanks for all you do

Posted by: phoenixgirl at Wednesday, April 07 2021 12:26 AM (CqHIp)

3 FYI, If you are looking to relocated to a proper Tier 3 Data Center host, look at H5 Data Centers. Largest privately owned provider. I run the TX DC and we had Zero down time during the Snowpacalips 2021.

Posted by: Lance Walker at Wednesday, April 07 2021 02:57 AM (rwGLm)

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