Saturday, August 04


Maintenance This Weekend

Doing some more server maintenance this weekend to improve performance and shut off the old server. We might have some glitches, please bear with us.

Update: Found and fixed a couple of slow queries, and built a new index, which affected posting again but only for 12 minutes this time.

Update: We are switching servers right now! This should simply happen, but while it is happening images won't load on this site. They will load on your site, just not on this site, because I'm testing new features here. That should resolve itself soon.

Update: Waiting for DNS changes to propagate to complete the switch. I can already see the load spooling up on the new server and dying down on the old one as more people pick up the DNS change. It's kind of neat.

Update: Images are now loading here. We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem.

Update: Also, performance should be back to normal:
76kb generated in CPU 0.01, elapsed 0.0159 seconds.
14 queries taking 0.0109 seconds, 25 records returned.

Update: And I accidentally shut down the old server while running final backups, but at least that proved that the new server was working...
This weekend's updates brought to you by K-On!!!

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