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Tuesday, July 08


There'd Better Be Money In The Baptism Business

Because I'm about to pay $1500 for a font.

Licensing professional typefaces for web use is seriously expensive.  Well, seriously expensive to someone who's paying for it out of his own pocket, anyway.

What this means is that I can dynamically generate menu items and logo buttons and suchlike in the standard mu.nu font, Horatio Medium.  As things stand, I have over 100,000 pre-generated images for the menu items alone, and I have to manually generate banners if I want them to use this font.

It's a nice font, though.

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Tuesday, July 01


Slightly Smaller Scale

I've ordered a Phenom 9750 (95W) to replace my Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (89W).  So for an extra 6W I go from  two 2.6GHz cores to four 2.4GHz cores.

It isn't quite as much computing power as the configs below, but it is an order of magnitude cheaper.

Update: Of course, today AMD announced three new Phenom models.  Strangely, none of them are obviously better for my purposes than the one I already ordered.  140W for an extra 200MHz is a bit steep, and more than my motherboard can deliver in any case.  65W for a 2GHz quad-core isn't bad, though.

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