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Daily News Stuff 9 September 2018

Tech News

  • I was writing up an introduction to LXC / LXD and ZFS but the formatting got messed up so I've hidden it for the moment.  It will show up later in the week.

  • There is no news.

  • Seriously.  Nothing.

  • Hmm.

  • Stack Exchange does 55TB of traffic a month, has 6.7TB of total data using 23 servers.  That's not all that impressive.  I've managed a 1.5PB search engine.  (Don't ask.)

    But they also note that they maintain 600,000 concurrent websocket connections.  That is significant, and not something I'd want to do on my usual nice clean threaded architecture.

  • This article about web bloat is three years old but things haven't improved.  It points to a news article about web bloat that was 18MB for a single page.  I clocked it at 1.2MB with Adblock enabled, and 22MB without - and page elements were still loading after two minutes.

    Don't go there without Adblock.  Seriously.

  • When Eric S. Raymond says non-discrimination he means non-discrimination, not today's trendy interpretation of discrimination, but only against people I don't like.

    He discusses an open-source project that had changed its license to block use by fifteen major companies.  The project is hosted for free on GitHub because it is open source.  The license change would mean it no longer qualified as such.

    And one of the companies they banned was Microsoft....  Which owns GitHub.

    It looks like the change was reverted after it blew up in their faces.

    It is, incidentally, a project for managing JavaScript projects.  JavaScript is a head injury disguised as a programming language; everyone who works with it for any length of time either starts out or ends up with brain damage.

  • Have a relaxing Sunday and see you all tomorrow.

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Jane, stop this crazy thing!

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1 "It looks like the change was reverted after it blew up in their faces."
The guy who made the change was booted from the project, although not necessarily because sanity prevailed as such (he violated some code of conduct of the project, apparently).  He'd made the same change to another project, and it got reverted as well.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, September 10 2018 03:24 AM (ITnFO)


What was even more troublesome was that the fellow who was PNGed by the project was not the only poster on GitHub who thought it was a swell idea to push their personal politics into technology.  The chorus of 'Agree!' was scarier.

That project was just itching for the moment Microsoft decided to make an example of them by landing a giant boot heel into them - trying to screw with a company using their property is generally not a good idea.

Posted by: cxt217 at Monday, September 10 2018 03:37 AM (BcQU4)

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