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Daily News Stuff 9 October 2019

Transductor Treasoner Edition

Tech News

  • The Ryzen 3900 is here for the low low price of you can't buy it.  (AnandTech)

    It's an OEM only part.  That's a shame, but to be fair the primary use case I see for it is high-end AIO and SFF desktop systems from companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo.  Enthusiasts mostly don't care about that last 40W or will just adjust the power limits in the BIOS.

  • Lil Nas X is not a storage device.  (TechDirt)

  • OpenLibra is an open version of Libra.

    Since Facebook's Libra code is all open source, there's nothing to stop anyone else running their own version.

    They haven't really done anything yet, not even tweeted, so...  We'll see.

  • StackOverflow has apologised...  (StackExchange)

    Not for the Creative Commons license change mess, though, but apparently for being insufficiently identitarian and intersectional.

  • Facebook Workplace is Facebook with slightly less crap in it.  (

    That still leaves a lot of crap.

  • The PlayStation 5 is coming next year.  (One Angry Gamer)

    It will feature, well, they haven't said anything about that, but if you figure a Ryzen 3700 and a Radeon 5700 you'll be pretty close.  They did say that it will have an SSD and a 100GB multi-layer Blu-Ray drive.  The inclusion of any physical media support is welcome for a 2020 device, but with games already approaching that size and data caps a common experience in many place it's still clearly needed.

  • Blizzard piled up a hundred million dollars worth of gamer goodwill and lit it on fire.  (One Angry Gamer)

    After the winner of a Hearthstone tournament spoke out in support of civil rights in China, Blizzard banned him from competing and took back his prize money.  They also fired the staff who were interviewing him after his win.

  • Taking a leaf out of Facebook's book of stupid tricks, Twitter took that phone number they demanded you supply because proper 2FA is too hard and used it to spam you with targeted ads.  (Ars Technica)


  • Meanwhile in Venezuela on the Pacific:

Video of the Day

Disclaimer: We are sorry we unintentionally shot your dog and burned down your house.  Twice.

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