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Daily News Stuff 7 September 2018

Tech News

  • Samsung is aiming to have its 3nm process in risk production by 2020Risk production is the first runs of commercially useful chips to come off a new fabrication process; they have more variability and defects than later chips.  (Anandtech)

    Samsung also announced that their ultra-low-power 8nm process will come on line later this year.

  • AMD's beloved Athlon CPUs are back in the form of the Ryzen-based Athlon 200GE.  (PCPer)

    The $55 chip is a 2 core / 4 thread part running at 3.2GHz, with 3 Vega CUs (192 shaders) and a 35W TDP.  That's great for a media center system, but for desktop use (and certainly for gaming) you're better off spending $99 for a 4 core / 8 CU Ryzen 2200G.

  • QNAP's TS-332X NAS is a weird beast.  It has three 3.5" drive bays, three M.2 slots - but SATA only - and three ethernet ports, two 1GBase-T and one 10Gbit SFP+.  (Serve the Home)

    I don't know who it's for, exactly.  The home market isn't running SFP+ cables and the device is far too small for businesses that would.  And it can't use NVMe drives at all - though three SATA SSDs are enough to saturate a 10Gbit link anyway.

  • Chrome 69 is screwing with URLs.  (ZDNet - warning, autoplays video with fucking audio.  Quit that shit, ZDNet.)

    This was a stupid idea when Safari did it, and it's a stupid idea now.

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1 "Chrome 69 is screwing with URLs."
These are the same jerks who want to "get rid of URLs" and replace them with...oh, well, they don't know yet, but why let that stop them?

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, September 08 2018 01:38 AM (Q/JG2)

2 Yep, that's a very Google thing to do.  And increasingly they're doing it because they want to push a Google-specific proprietary technology, not because it's technically better.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, September 08 2018 12:53 PM (PiXy!)

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