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Daily News Stuff 7 October 2018

Tech News

  • The Bloomberg hacking story, which would be the biggest tech story of the year if it were true, has disappeared without a trace.

  • Microsoft has pulled the Windows 10 October Update.  (ZDNet)

    If you've already downloaded it but not installed, probably best not to install at all.  It seems in rare cases it can lose files from your system drive, though they are recoverable.

  • Update your Git.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Not sure how critical this really is.  Downloading a malicious project using Git could infect your computer, but if you download a malicious project, you just downloaded a malicious project.

    I guess if someone managed to slip this into a popular project it would be a great infection vector, but that's fixed now.

Enjoy your weekend, and your long weekend if you have one!

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1 Looks like the real significance of the Git hole is that it's the second time someone's found a way to exploit the .gitmodules file. On the bad side, it means sub-modules are a clumsy hack. On the good side, it means that the basic "git clone" command on public repos won't infect your machine; you have to add "--recurse-submodules" to get pwned.


Posted by: J Greely at Sunday, October 07 2018 05:02 PM (tgyIO)


So, Microsoft...Mind trying to justify forcing Windows 10 users to update their computer without any ability to refuse, when you have to do stuff like this?

Posted by: cxt217 at Monday, October 08 2018 02:47 AM (2ZW6Y)

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