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Daily News Stuff 5 August 2018

Tech News
  • For a trillion-dollar company Apple sure ships some garbage products.  (TechCrunch, who are not getting an invite to the next developer conference.)

  • An office building in Seattle without air conditioning.  Of course, Seattle is practically in the Arctic, and even so this office is hot and sweaty and workers leave early to avoid the late afternoon heat and it's generally fucking retarded.*

  • Apparently 25GBaseT and 40GBaseT are a thing.  They use Cat8 cables, which are also a thing.  And autonegotiate all the way back down to 10BaseT (old 10 megabit Ethernet) if needed.  Cable runs at 25/40 Gbps are limited to 30 metres, so this is for wiring racks and not office buildings.

    There's also a new standard for running gigabit Ethernet over a single wire pair, which is very interesting for wiring office buildings.  If you already have Cat5 everywhere you can run four times as many ports.

  • Server migration and database updates are done.  Which means I don't need to renew that server for another year.  Which means I get to spend the money on toys instead!  I'm thinking a couple of 1TB Intel 760p SSDs for Tohru and Rally...  For Tohru, at least.  And since NBN hasn't arrived, I need a new router, because my old one is old.  And one of those nice LaCie 8TB drives.  And there goes all the money I just saved...

    Planning to get the Asus DSL-AC52U router, which in theory supports the VDSL config I'll need for NBN, but in practice locks your connection so you have to call tech support and get them to unlock it and wait for your verified NBN modem to show up.  But it also has a WAN port that I can plug the official modem into so I can blame my ISP when it goes wrong.

Picture of the Day

Pesca de Altura (High Fishing), Alejandro Burdisio

Video of the Day

A 50-year retrospective of anime openings.

I'm going to disown you if you don't - oh, you did.  Well, good.  Some odd choices, but plenty of great ones.

* I can say that here.

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1 Re: Seattle architects:
I wonder how R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion structures (designed starting more than 90 years ago) stand up against their office building. Somewhere around a hundred Dymaxion Deployment Units were built and shipped around the world, many to hot and tropical climates.

Posted by: Kayle at Monday, August 06 2018 06:20 AM (TtvMc)

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