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Daily News Stuff 4 October 2019

Fourth Of What Edition

Tech News

  • To no-one's surprise the New York Times is going all-in on fascism.

    They're for it.

  • The Microsoft Surface Pro X is an overpriced Android tablet that runs Windows.  (PC Perspective)

    Starting model is $999 with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD, and up tp $1799 for 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.  Not including the $140 keyboard or $150 pen.

    The 2880x1920 screen is nice, but my rather elderly (and much cheaper) Nexus 10 has a 2560x1600 screen.

    CPU is the SQ1 which seems to be an 8CX which is basically a slightly bigger and faster Snapdragon 855.  It has the same design with four fast cores and four slow cores, but double the L3 cache.

    Still, that would be fine for a notebook except that it's going to end up emulating x86 code and that's gonna suuuuuck.

  • The elusive Ryzen 3900 (non-Pro) has been cornered and benchmarked.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The first thing they do with a low-power CPU is overclock it and add liquid nitrogen.  Of course.

  • PDF encryption is broken.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Also, there's this Print Screen button.

  • The governments of the US, UK, and Australia are working together to ban arithmetic.  (TechDirt)


  • Hey, free Caddy!  (GitHub)

    Caddy is going back to fully open source and free to install.  I use Caddy for / and also at my day job, and it saves me a ton of messing about compared with Nginx.  I've been paying the startup rate of $20 per month to support the project because it's saved my bacon a dozen times over.

    (When this server got blacked out the other day, I fired up a little Caddy node at DigitalOcean, routed traffic through there and across an SSH tunnel, and got us up and running again in no time.  I could also have done that with Nginx, true, but not nearly as quickly or easily.)

    The author is making a revenue sharing deal with a training and support company to handle enterprise support so he can concentrate on developing the software, with Caddy 2.0 planned for Q1 of next year.

    Hope that includes the API.  It will be awesome with an API.

  • The Rise of Rome: The 64 core Epyc 7702P put to the test.  (Serve the Home)

    This is the $4000 single-socket version rather than the $7000 dual socket version, but with 64 cores per socket we may see a market swing away from the dual socket platform that has been 80% of sales for over a decade.

    It seems to be keep pace with a dual Xeon Platinum 8280 - processors that cost $10,000 each - except if you are using AVX-512 right now ahead of an upcoming patch.

    Unless you have some specific need, such as VMWare live migrations from an existing host, you'd be stupid to buy Intel over AMD here.

  • HP is restructuring and expects to shed 7000 staff over the next three years.  (ZDNet)

    No direct layoffs are expected though, just voluntary takeup of redundancy and early retirement offers.

  • Need a truly modular case for your Raspberry Pi?  (Amazon)

    The price is pretty good.  Wonder if they have an Amiga 1000 version....

  • Well, that was short-lived: The European Court of Justice has ruled that EU member states can force internet companies to remove content worldwide.  (Associated Press)

    The same court recently ruled that this does not apply to the entirely fictitious right to be forgotten, so they must have gone off their meds since then.

    This is the EU's highest court and there is no appeal, but you are entirely free to run your business from outside the EU and tell them to get fucked.

  • Feast of Legends.

    For a novelty tabletop RPG designed as a promotion for a fast food franchise, this is exceptionally well done.

    Direct PDF linky.

Video of the Day

That is just slightly unnerving.

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