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Daily News Stuff 31 March 2021

Gremlin Inversion Edition

Tech News

  • Rocket Lake is here and it's crap.  (AnandTech)

    They previously got their hands on the i7-11700K and it was decidedly underwhelming, but also not the top of the line part.  Now they have the i9-11900K and...  Yeesh.

    What do you think, Steve?

    Steve's unimpressed.  What about you, Aussie Steve?

    Not ones to mince words, are Steve and Steve.

    The 8-core 11th-gen die is 25% larger than the 10-core 10th-gen die, and slower at multi-threaded and often at single-threaded tasks, while using more power.  It's not bad, not on the level of Bulldozer, but it's not better than its predecessor or its competition.

    Performance is not objectively bad, but it doesn't provide a reason not to simply buy AMD.

    In fact, given availability and pricing, the Ryzen 3900X is looking pretty good right now.  Particularly since you can upgrade later to a 5900X or 5950X, and there is no upgrade path at all for the 11900K.

  • Let's find out what mongod --repair does, shall we?

  • Arm has announced Armv9.  It has stuff.  (AnandTech)

    Notably it has support for some kind of micro-hypervisor architecture that can protect VMs running on Arm hardware even if the host node is hacked.  To an extent, anyway; if you have root access to the host you can shut it all down and maybe delete all the data; what you can't do is access the data within the VMs.  I believe that Epyc also supports this.

    They also discussed the next two generations of mobile cores, which will bring 30% total IPC improvements, presumably over the current high-end X1 core.

    The first of these cores will arrive this year, with consumer devices early in 2022.

  • Dimgrey Cavefish is on its way.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This is probably the Radeon 6600 XT.  It seems that this will have just 32MB of inifinity cache, which will make for a much smaller die - cache is about 1mm2 per MB on TSMC's 7nm node.  Not much less on 5nm either; that scales well for logic but not for memory.

  • Speaking of which, TSMC plans to ship 4nm parts this year.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Production was originally scheduled for next year, but they're ahead of schedule.  3nm is on track for late next year.

    If they don't run out of water.  They can have some of ours, frankly.  We're full.  For now, Taiwan is praying for typhoons.  Yurie, your country...  Another country needs you.

  • The Ubiquiti breach was bad.  (Krebs on Security)

    Intruders gained access to Ubiquiti's AWS account, set up their own VMs on the network, installed backdoors on the servers, and basically had full access to everything.

Hololive Minecraft Stream No Video of the Day

Not one Minecraft stream in 24 hours.  They got permission to stream Capcom games and they've run off in all directions.

Nene will be back shortly though, Kiara tomorrow, and Reine after that.

And there's at least a thousand hours of archives I haven't seen.

Oh, if you watch VTubers - on YouTube, anyway, not Twitch - Holodex is a pretty nice tool.  Despite the name it works for Nijisanji and VOMS and others I'm not familiar with.  The interface is a little awkward in spots, but it's nonetheless impressive for a fan-created project.

Update: Pekora jumps in to save the day with a unscheduled stream - she seems to be experimenting with some kind of steam-powered dimensional turtle transport system.

Update: Oh, Towa is streaming too.  Chaos ensues in 3...  2...

Yep, there we go.  Towa showed Pekora her water slide of death, but Pekora has enchanted armor and didn't die.  Then Pekora showed Towa one of the death traps - uh, attractions - in Pekoland, but Towa wriggled her way out of the trap and got stuck inside the mechanism.

I like the way all this complicated stuff in Minecraft only barely works at all.  It's great training for real life.

Disclaimer: Turtle house!

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1 I was looking at those ubiquiti routers/aps last year.  Glad I didn't buy one.  And their handling of the situation makes me sure I'm not going to be a customer of those dung-heads in the future, either.

Posted by: normal at Friday, April 02 2021 01:00 AM (LADmw)

2 Yep.  Apparently engineering wanted to proper public announcement / mitigation / password change thing, but legal shut them down, and they're still keeping silent.

Shame, because the hardware looks pretty good.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, April 02 2021 02:27 AM (PiXy!)

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