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Daily News Stuff 10 July 2024

AGL Edition

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  • The FTC has banned messaging app NGL (not gonna lie) from hosting minors after catching them systematically lying. (Washington Post)

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.
    The complaint alleged that NGL tricked users into paying for subscriptions by sending them computer-generated messages appearing to be from real people and offering a service for as much as $9.99 a week to find out their real identity. People who signed up received only "hints" of those identities, whether they were real or not, enforcers said.
    After users complained about the "bait-and switch tactic," executives at the company "laughed off" their concerns, referring to them as "suckers," the FTC said in an announcement.
    And now NGL has to fork over five million dollars.

    Suckers indeed.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Unplugging it works too.

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1 AI health coach just needs Rosanne Barr and Whoopie Goldberg to sign on, now.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, July 11 2024 12:08 AM (LADmw)

2 Bah, Windows rebooted my machine on me again to nag me to "Upgrade" to Windows 11 again. Really hate their "Do it now or do it later" buttons, with the F-You button way off to the side.

Posted by: Mauser at Thursday, July 11 2024 01:45 PM (nk1Z+)

3 I got Windows 10 Copilot vd on my laptop today.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, July 12 2024 01:49 PM (gFAd+)

4 We just replaced two workstations at $JOB, and they are now Winders 'leven (ffs):  Every menu, every mouse click now has an associated animation, and it's annoying as [swear word].  I know some "graphical design team" thought this was a good idea, but holy cat-meat tacos, it's terrible.  I mean, every single thing you do has a whole slough (slew?) of animation going on, like some "user interface team" decided you should be living inside of the "Blair Witch Project" with no way to escape.  We truly live in Hell right now and I can't see it going away.

Posted by: normal at Friday, July 12 2024 04:11 PM (bg2DR)

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