Sunday, November 02


Doesn't Suck

Pixy Misa's Doesn't Suck Award today goes to my new ISP, Swiftel. Of course, the truth is that they do suck, because they have to do with computers and everything involving computers sucks. That's Pixy's First Law. Still, they win the coveted Doesn't Suck award because compared to every other ISP in Australia (and never mind Telstra's Bigpond, which is galactic-centre-black-hole-grade suck), um, compared to the rest they don't suck at all.

They just upped my download allocation again. When I signed up, it was 6GB a month (my old ISP allowed me 2.5GB). That went to 7 the next month. Then 8. Then 10. Now it's 12. Only one month since I joined that they didn't boost the allowance. And the last two days of October were free because they were installing a new usage meter. And the new usage meter allows them to have free downloads - their news server is now free.

Plus all the usual goodies they've always had - free unlimited uploads, static IP address, freedom to run servers (I have a mail server and a web server running off that line... Of course, I also have a mail server and a web server running on the box. Everyone needs two mail servers and two web servers, right?)

And $6 per GB for excess downloads instead of $149. That's still expensive, but it's just annoying rather than terrifying. Leave the line running all weekend and the most damage I can do now is $48... With my old ISP it was more like $7000.

Yay! Swiftel! Yay!

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1 Yay!

Posted by: Susie at Sunday, November 02 2003 01:02 PM (0+cMc)

2 that *is* frightening! ahhh, to have that much power...

Posted by: Ted at Sunday, November 02 2003 10:58 PM (2sKfR)

3 download cap? upload cap? What are those? ^_^ Of course, on the downside, I don't have a static IP and I can't run servers (my apartment complex provides a 'net connection, but it's NAT'd).

Posted by: Chris C. at Tuesday, November 04 2003 05:17 PM (BD9lG)

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