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Qana Conspiracy Theory

I left a few comments on other blogs on this subject pointing out various inconstencies in the story that indicated that there might be something other than just a tragic mishap.

As Ace notes, it looks like it was just a tragic mishap.

Maybe there was something else going on - but the evidence doesn't support that.

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1 I'm not big on conspiracy theories, except when the jihadis are involved.  Confederate Yankee continues to keep me questioning the validity of the story with <a href="">this post</a.>.  I'm unsure what the importance of these people being in the same family is, other than giving credence to the idea that they died together.  It doesn't tell us where though.

Who knows.  It doesn't seem all that important to me, since I don't believe Israel killed them on purpose.

Posted by: Kevin at Saturday, August 05 2006 10:46 AM (++0ve)

2 The story still doesn't hang together very well, but I don't think there's enough to hang a conspiracy on.  It's not like 9/11, though, where we had 50,000 eye-witnesses to what happened. (And we still get conspiracy theories about that, of course.)

And you're absolutely right: Israel didn't kill them on purpose.  There were over 150 rocket launches against Israel from inside and around Qana, and Hezbollah were hiding there, even if not in that particular building.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, August 05 2006 10:09 PM (XwL/C)

3 Did they ever explain the 7-hour gap between bombing and collapse?   Here's the problem with that, and it's not a wacky conspiracy theory: there was plenty of time for the people to leave.  This was not the WTC, this was a relatively small building.  If they didn't leave and the building collapsed hours later, did the Israelis really "kill" them?  Or was it bad judgement?

Posted by: TallDave at Monday, August 07 2006 05:16 PM (H8Wgl)

4 Witnesses - or supposed witnesses, who knows - say that the building collapsed within minutes.  There doesn't seem to be any hard evidence of the time of collapse one way or another.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, August 08 2006 03:16 AM (FRalS)

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