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Tuesday, November 29


Daily News Stuff 29 November 2022

Bundles Of Billies Edition

Top Story

  • In a rare win for sanity and freedom Britain is abandoning legislation that would have banned "legal but harmful" speech online.  (Reuters)

    The proposed law was so twisted that it included criminal charges for executives of social platforms for the entirely legal speech of other people.

    This unsurprisingly provoked some pushback from said social platforms.

    The government - the nominally conservative government - is planning to return with more of the same but with a tasty won't somebody think of the children sauce on top.

  • I think everything I want from Ikea is in stock right now.  I could just set fire to my credit card and order a houseful of furniture in one go.

    Probably best not to.  Would save on delivery fees but leave my living room filled with flat packs when I've only just got it free of boxes.

    Going to end up with 90 feet of desk space.

Tech News

Disclaimer: But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some ink converters!

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Monday, November 28


Daily News Stuff 28 November 2022

Refrigerised Edition

Top Story

  • Private data for 5.4 million Twitter users has been leaked online.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Twitter had a bug - fixed back in January - that let you look up a phone number or email address and get the corresponding account, if one existed.  Patient hackers crawled their way through millions of numbers and addresses - probably stolen from somewhere else - to match them up, and then offered it all up for sale for $30k.

    Now it's apparently available for free.

Tech News

  • The CBC tried to get Libs of TikTok banned from Shopify (it's a Canadian company).

    The CEO told them, very politely - he's Canadian - to shove it.

    And then blocked them.

  • When they said the compiler could make monkeys fly out of your butt, they meant it.  (PKH)

    Integer overflow in C is undefined behaviour.  That means that if you put a check in your code to catch that a value has overflowed and fix the problem, the compiler is entirely within the C standard if it removes your check and then crashes when the value overflows.

    Use a real language.

Disclaimer: Today is Cyber Monday, the day when we all gather together and eat roasted cybers, a type of eggplant.  Nobody knows why we do this.  Tastes vile.

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Sunday, November 27


Daily News Stuff 27 November 2022

Among Our Weapons Edition

Top Story

  • What really went on at FTX.  (New York Post)

    Drugs and vegetarian food, and setting fire to other people's money.

    Decentralised finance is showbusiness for ugly, incompetent, dishonest meth addicts.

  • Elon Musk hasn't done anything new to outrage the usual suspects.  They're still outraged, of course, but it's not new.

Tech News

  • There are only two hard problems in computer science:

    0. Cache invalidation
    1. Naming things
    2. Asynchronous callbacks
    3. Off-by-one errors
    4. Scope creep
    5. Bounds checking

    I had a story to go along with this but the story was boring.

  • Lenovo has accidentally confirmed the new, cheaper, lower power Ryzen 7900 and 7700 non-X parts.  (WCCFTech)

    We don't know if these will be available as retail parts - the 5900 wasn't, for example - or if they do, whether will come bundled with CPU coolers.

    AMD is also preparing a lower cost motherboards based on the A620 chips set.

    Current Ryzen 7000 motherboards are quite expensive, even at the low end.  The current cheapest Socket AM5 motherboards cost twice as much as the cheapest Socket AM4 boards.  They are better, yes, but not twice as better.

Disclaimer: Quick one today, I have a migraine, and also there is no news.

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Saturday, November 26


Daily News Stuff 26 November 2022

Third Coming Edition

Top Story

  • Elon Musk just decided to bring the worst people on the internet back to Twitter. (The Verge)

    People who weren't banned from Twitter:

    • Chinese genocide apologists
    • Hitler-worshiping Hindu nationalists
    • Iran's terrorist leadership
    • Antifa goons actively planning assaults
    • Pedophiles
    • People illegally distributing puberty blockers to children (who were also pedophiles, strange coincidence there)
    • People running mass-reporting schemes (who were - yes - also pedophiles)

    People who were banned:

    • The New York Post for news stories inconvenient to Democrats
    • James Lindsay and the Babylon Bee for accurately identifying an adult male
    • Nick Rekieta for being the victim of a mass-reporting scheme
    • Me for suggesting a certain politician "needs to resign, or be thrown in a volcano, whatever works"

    And it's only with those people being reinstated that the news media, which is all - mainstream and technology together - intensely pro-censorship, is getting itself worked up.

  • Hoping that particular politician will soon be out of office, but it's Melbourne and they're all insane down there.

Tech News

Disclaimer: It's nearly Christmas and I haven't taken down my Halloween tree yet.

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Friday, November 25


Daily News Stuff 25 November 2022

With Slightly Less Downtime Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Floppotron Rhapsody of the Day

Disclaimer: HTTP 413 I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing.

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Well, Poop, Part N+1

Sorry about that.  We're back.

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Thursday, November 24


Daily News Stuff 24 November 2022

For The Fifteenth Time Edition

Top Story

  • Why Twitter didn't go down, from a Twitter site reliability engineer.  (Substack)

    Because it's automated.

    The funny thing is, this guy worked on the distributed caching system, and the distributed cache is the most visibly unreliable component of the entire platform.

  • Twitter is not only still not dead, but is planning to cast some advanced necromancy:

    This will be fun.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still not dead.

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Wednesday, November 23


Daily News Stuff 23 November 2022

Craftsgiving Edition

Top Story

  • So you're building a PC and you just want a basically decent video card that doesn't cost three arms and a leg and require its own substation.  What about the new Radeon 6700 (non-XT).  Is that any good?  Yes.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's cheaper than Nvidia's RTX 3060, and if you're not playing with ray tracing turned on it's 25% faster.  If you are using ray tracing it's 10% slower, so there is a tradeoff to consider.

  • Hololive EN and ID are streaming Minecraft again.  I've missed that.  Other games tend to be too distracting to have on while I work, but Minecraft is mostly building and chatting, or gathering resources and chatting, or dying horribly in the Nether and chatting.

  • Twitter is still not dead.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Emotional damage is not covered under warranty.

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Tuesday, November 22


Daily News Stuff 22 November 2022

Keep Calm And Hit The Mute Button Edition

Top Story

  • Why is the entire tech industry imploding at once?  (The Atlantic)

    Because you locked people into their homes while pumping trillions of dollars into the economy, and then hiked interest rates to combat the inevitable inflation, creating and then bursting a massive bubble.

    You idiots.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Twitter is still not dead.

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Monday, November 21


Daily News Stuff 21 November 2022

Safety Last Edition

Top Story

  • CBS abandoned Twitter over safety concerns, apparently worried that someone might correct their mistakes.

    They lasted a day.

  • Meanwhile individual journalists are fleeing free speech for the comfort of the distributed platform Mastodon, which is going about as well as you might expect.

    The one thing crazier and more self-absorbed than journalists, it turns out, is people who run Fediverse nodes.

Tech News

  • If computers keep getting faster, why do they sometimes feel like they're getting slower?

    Because they are.  (Dan Luu)

    Measuring the time from pressing a key to the matching character appearing on the screen, the fastest system on the list is...  The Apple IIe.

  • Proof of Solvency: Using the blockchain to make sure that blockchain exchanges aren't Ponzi schemes.  (

    Might not work, but the more friction you throw in the way of fraud, the better.

  • Price cuts expand on the Ryzen 7000 range.  (WCCFTech)

    The leaked price of the upcoming 7900 is $429 against $549 MSRP for the faster 7900X, but the 7900X is now selling for $474, so if you want it you might as well buy it now.  (The 7900X can be configured to run at 65W just like the 7900 non-X.)

  • You will never fix it later.  (Useless Devblog)

    This is not entirely true, though the counterexamples are most often when the thing you promised to fix later suddenly breaks down entirely.

Disclaimer: Those who would give up essential fixes for a little temporary later deserve neither fixes nor later.

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