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Daily News Stuff 22 June 2022

Carpet Event Horizon Edition

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  • So I ventured to vacuum New House, which is more than twice the size of Old House and carpeted throughout where Old House had hardwood floors in the living areas.

    Yeah, I'm going to get a Roomba or some suitable equivalent.  That's a lot of carpet.

  • The FAA is ordering airlines to update faulty radar altimeters.  (Ars Technica)

    The argument has been going on for years, with cellular network operators swearing that their equipment couldn't affect aircraft instruments, and airlines swearing that it did.

    Turns out they're both right, because the instruments themselves are faulty.  The altimeters were designed decades ago when nothing else operated anywhere near that radio frequency, so the designers just didn't bother to filter out other signals.  And now that there are other signals, there are problems.

    The networks are happy with this decision.  The airlines not so much.

Tech News

Eight Minutes of Dad Showing Up At the Worst Possible Time Video of the Day

Well, Calliope Mori from Hololive dropping in on her colleagues anyway.  At the worst possible time.

Also in case you're confused which you probably are, because I sure was, the second clip with Bae - the rat girl - is not Bae, but IRyS pretending to Bae.

Disclaimer: Allow me to explain.  No, there is too much.  Allow me to sum up.

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1 "twice as fast as PCIe 6.0"

And you'll need a gigwatt or more plant connected to your server rack to power it.  But if you just run water pipes across the controller chip, you can provide free steam heat to the whole neighbourhood.

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