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Daily News Stuff 18 May 2024

Dark And Stormy Day Edition

Top Story

  • Slack is taking customer data and using it for AI training.  (Security Week)

    "You can opt out", said Slack, which didn't actually bother to tell anyone it was doing this in the first place.  "You just have to call customer support."

    "The data is not shared with third parties and never leaves Slack's trust boundary" added a Slack representative, missing the point that Slack's trust boundary is now zero.

Tech News

Anime Music Video of the Day

Song is Best Day of My Life by the band American Authors.  Anime is Non Non Biyori, which follows the daily lives of the children - all five of them - in a remote Japanese farming community.  The location is fictional but the hints are that it would be somewhere in northwestern Honshu.

Their dilapidated school building though is entirely real.

Disclaimer: There is a word - though I don't remember the word or even the language it is from, so this is of questionable utility - for nostalgia for a time and a place that you never knew.  Non Non Biyori delivers that like nothing I have ever seen.

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1 Glad your comments section is up.  Ace's is down. Thanks

Posted by: Braenyard at Sunday, May 19 2024 03:03 AM (lCWOD)

2 Maybe the planned update Pixy talked about a while back.

Posted by: at Sunday, May 19 2024 04:42 AM (MEbkQ)

3 No, the server saw one last chance before I do the migration (in seven hours) and decided to drop dead.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, May 19 2024 08:59 AM (PiXy!)

4 Good grief, I'm sorry for your weekend!

Posted by: at Sunday, May 19 2024 09:13 AM (MEbkQ)

5 The word you are trying to remember is anemoia ( I tried looking through my copy of The Meaning of Tingo, but I didn't see it in there, so I tried a web search, which produced it. I should have tried that first, to be honest, but at least it got me thinking of my book, which I really need to spend more time with.

Posted by: wheels at Sunday, May 19 2024 10:32 AM (rUROc)

6 Thanks, that is exactly the word I was thinking of.  I've ordered a copy of that book.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, May 19 2024 05:38 PM (PiXy!)

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