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Daily News Stuff 21 September 2023

Pies Of A Feather Edition

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  • Re-Logic, creator of the smash-hit "2d Minecraft" game Terraria, has donated $100,000 each to the development funds for open source game engines Godot and FNA.  (Twitter)

    Terraria isn't even written in Unity; that's just how annoyed people are.

    I guess they can afford it though.  Re-Logic only employs ten people and Terraria has sold over 45 million copies.

    It's pretty fun, and will run on a potato.

  • Meanwhile miHoYo, creator of a little title named Genshin Impact, which had over 23 million downloads in its first week, and which is written using Unity, suddenly has 39 new jobs open for game engine developers.  (Twitter)

    Not sure yet about the blackjack and hookers situation, but it looks like they're making their own game engine.

  • A couple of years ago, the price of Bitcoin crashed by more than 80% in the space of a minute, before recovering almost as quickly.  We never knew who was responsible.  It was FTX.  (Adi's Thoughts)

    The were selling Bitcoin and misplaced the decimal point in the price, instantly losing millions of dollars.

    Which on the scale of the entire FTX debacle is not a lot, but still...

  • Amazon now has its own WiFi 7 mesh network.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Where a base two-node Orbi 970 system from Netgear costs a whopping $1699, the same configuration from Amazon costs only, uh, $1149.  Which is less, true, but still not cheap.

    An Amazon Eero WiFi 6E two node setup costs $279, which is a lot less than $1149, let alone $1699.

  • The Teclast P85T is another 8" Android tablet with an inadequate screen.  (Notebook Check)

    1920x1200 minimum.

    At least this one's cheap at $80.  Not sure if it comes with free malware.

  • Always mount a scratch monkey.  (The Verge)

    "We're not obsessed with Elon Musk", added The Verge.  "We're not we're not we're not we're not."

Disclaimer: You know, I don't think they're at all well over there.

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1 "2d Minecraft" Which is 3d Dwarf Fortress, and so we've come full circle.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, September 21 2023 11:39 PM (LADmw)

2 particle accelerator builder incremental simulator is sort of a 3D terraria, with elements of factorio and subnautica

actually, it is really more of an overhyped boondoggle

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, September 22 2023 02:01 AM (r9O5h)

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