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Daily News Stuff 29 February 2023

Close Enough For Government Work Edition

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  • OpenAI - the company behind automated idiot system ChatGPT - says it's purpose is to make sure AGI (artificial general intelligence) benefits all of humanity so long as they love Big Brother and hate Emmanuel Goldstein. (OpenAI)
    Second, we are working towards creating increasingly aligned and steerable models. Our shift from models like the first version of GPT-3 to InstructGPT and ChatGPT is an early example of this.
    In particular, we think it’s important that society agree on extremely wide bounds of how AI can be used, but that within those bounds, individual users have a lot of discretion. Our eventual hope is that the institutions of the world agree on what these wide bounds should be; in the shorter term we plan to run experiments for external input. The institutions of the world will need to be strengthened with additional capabilities and experience to be prepared for complex decisions about AGI.
    We've already seen OpenAI's approach to this: Anyone who is not a radical leftist lunatic is not permitted to ask questions.

    This of course leaves out the fact that GPT and other large language models (LLMs) are not and cannot become AGIs. Humans use language to communicate concepts and information that is stored in a more fundamental way. You don't see using language, but you can use language to describe what you see.

    LLMs don't have that deeper level of understanding. At all. There's simply nothing there. What you see on the surface is all there is.

    I've noted that a lot of people act like that too: You give them a language prompt and you get a canned response back; the same response every time for the same prompt.

    ChatGPT - at least as it is designed - is a left-wing activist in a can.

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Disclaimer: I have another bank account though. Just in case.

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1 something has changed that breaks ai dot mee dot nu in the Pale Moon browser. 

It involves the spacing of the side bar.  When my browser window is adjusted wider, the side bar can cover the main content. 

I'm pretty sure that I haven't updated pale moon on this machine since I read content on Ambient Irony yesterday.  (Yeah, I just checked, same breakage on a different machine, with an older Pale Moon.)

I also notice that the font/formatting of previously published posts has changed, so I guess the new post was correctly formatted in the editor.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Thursday, March 02 2023 12:42 AM (r9O5h)

2 Things are screwed up in Brave, too.

Posted by: Don at Thursday, March 02 2023 01:00 AM (V0jOj)

3 Edge, as well.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, March 02 2023 05:21 AM (BMUHC)

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