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Disclaimer: I'm not sure anything can make AI any worse at this point.

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1 With all the...equality???...graduates from so many colleges, is it any wonder that things like the AT&T crash took place.  When will we need to start watching for planes falling from the sky on a regular basis?

Posted by: Frank at Friday, February 23 2024 07:09 PM (cARBX)

2 Frank,
      It is not them cutting standards and allowing stupid or untrained people that is the problem.

      The problem is that magical or religious practices are part of establishing the culture, that certain academic theory ideas are a problem, and that people in general think that you still invest by going to a university and learning.

    Western traditions are basically Christian and Jewish religious practices shaping the Greek and Roman empires.  Magical thinking and practices from all those sources, combined, but mostly on the emotional skeleton of Christianity.  The practice of Christianity pushed out some of the competing sorts of magical thinking, and resulted in a somewhat consensus on a rational, knowable world. 

     Sanity and insanity are defined specific to a culture. 

     Right now, many people are going through primary, secondary, and tertiary school, and coming out crazy.  This is mainly theoretical issues in tertiary schools, their ideas are outside of many western traditions.  Cargo cult, savage, and barbarian apply. 

    Additionally, some training programs are not just likely to drive students outside of sanity for western culture, the theory is actively counter productive for that specific application.  Even so, large organizations and their HR staff think they do well by hiring from those programs. 

      (I lost my temper at you some months ago wrt to the suggestion that I was turning down good western sources of story to blindly seek out foreign.  No.  There are American storytellers who like America.  They are actively discriminated against by some of the people running larger organizations.  You find good American stories more easily by looking at individual creators. There are absolutely also a lot of crazy foreign storytellers; in some places, there is a higher rate of crazy than in American mass media.  With foreign individual story tellers, a) I can usually tell pretty fast if this is garbage by a crazy, and I do not have the risks of management substituting storytellers b) the specific political axes they grind are more alien to me, and so more invisible.)

     It is still possible to graduate from a university, think inside western traditions, practice Christianity, and not be crazy. 

     The craziest of graduates are being deliberately amplified and put into public positions. 

     The diversity, inclusion, and equity race war nutjob crap, is simply a specific example of how these people are outside of Western, Christian, American traditions.  They think that just about everything is symbolic magic.  Critical theory essentially says that peace and civilization were evil magics worked in ancient times.  They are incompetent, yes.  But, they are selected as politically reliable because they really believe this stuff, and that belief and practice is what makes them mostly unable to be competent. 

    'Clap your hands if you believe' and 'do not be the first to stop clapping for Stalin' on a staggering scale. 

    There's a joke that Ira Eaker would not be grounding any of the Boeing models, and that American aviation is vastly too safety minded, look at the progress in aeronautical engineering made during the 1940s by accepting a significant safety cost in flights over Europe.  The usual 'we have changed our customs, and what if the new ways are bad?'  The modern old industrial safety culture was always specific to a time a place, and unclear if we would be successful in preserving the good and changing the bad.   

Posted by: PatBuckman at Saturday, February 24 2024 05:30 AM (r9O5h)

3 I guess I should say, I use a different handle on dot clue. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Saturday, February 24 2024 05:32 AM (r9O5h)

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