Wednesday, December 07


New Toys

I'm placing an order for some new servers:
  • 2 x Ryzen 5950X, 128GB RAM, 3.84TB NVMe
  • 1 x Dual Xeon E5-2630, 128GB RAM, 12 x 10TB SAS, 240GB OS SSD
All on a 10GbE back-end network.

I'll be moving all the sites over to this new environment.  Everything is now either (a) running in LXC containers which can be easily backed up and migrated or (b) under CPanel which has an account-level migration facility, so this should be drama-free.

These servers are each nine times faster than the one we just moved from, with four times the RAM and about five times the SSD, so I think they'll last us for a while.  smile

That storage server is total overkill but the price is great.  With the 12 cores and 128GB RAM ZFS deduplication and compression should run nicely, so we'll only need about 10% of it to store our full backup history going back more than a decade.  (I had a backup of our backup server, so the only thing lost was medium-recent daily snapshots, no live stuff or ancient stuff.)

Sure, they're not the very latest 7950X, but two 5950X systems cost about the same as one 7950X right now.

Update: Order placed!  This will give me some fun things to do over Christmas.

The 10Gbps network cost a little extra, but it's so much better than 1Gbps.   Network traffic becomes as fast as local traffic, so I can mount that huge storage server as shared storage and not just as backups via rsync.  I might configure it as two independent 40TB RAID-Z2 volumes instead of one 90TB RAID-Z3, one for storage, one for backups.

Update 2: Being set up now.  Apparently I have unmetered bandwidth (over the 1Gbps public port) on the storage server.  Which is interesting.  Probably not something I'll ever need since the other two servers give me 50TB/month each, but interesting.

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