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  • Apple's Stasi image filter that runs directly on the hardware you "own" is totally cool and inevitable so just bend over.  (Apple Insider)

    The article gets roasted in the comments. 

  • HP's Envy 16 is a 16" laptop with a 4K OLED display and a QHD webcam.  (PC Magazine)

    And the Four Essential Keys - just the Four Essential Keys, not a full numeric keypad as you often find on laptops.

    Only problem is HP's pricing in Australia, if you live in Australia, which I do.  The model with a 2560x1600 screen and RTX 3060 graphics costs an eye-watering A$4399.  That's about A$2000 more than I paid for my similarly specced Dell Inspiron 16 Plus at the start of the year - though that was an 11th gen model - and A$1200 more than a Gigabyte system with a 4K OLED display and a much faster GTX 3070 Ti.

  • Speaking of the Four Essential Keys: Some laptop models from Dell and MSI have four keys in the place where the FEK should be but aren't those keys.

    Enter Windows PowerToys.  The Keyboard Manager function lets you remap any key to any function.  I tried it out on my (slowly dying due to physical abuse during the long process of moving house) Inspiron 14 7000, which does sort of have the FEK but also has a completely useless Print Screen button.

    Remapped that without any difficulty.

    That makes the Framework Laptop more palatable.  Really it's the only drawback of the system for me, given its easy upgradeability and modular I/O.  Apparently the battery life isn't stellar, but with USB C charging and tiny GAN chargers that's not the end of the world if you're not on the road all the time.

Disclaimer: And what is going on with the left Ctrl key?  Nothing good.

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1 "The Keyboard Manager function lets you remap any key to any function."
This is the best part about custom keyboards powered by QMK (and the like):  the ability to, in hardware, make any key do anything.
It's also how you wind up with 36-key keyboards, heh.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, October 10 2022 01:20 AM (BMUHC)

2 Hmmm, I'd like something simple to disable the caps lock on my laptop.

Posted by: Mauser at Monday, October 17 2022 01:22 PM (BzEjn)

3 PowerToys does that no problem.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, October 17 2022 05:12 PM (PiXy!)

4 I put "setxkbmap -option compose:caps" into my .xinitrc, but there's probably a lower level way to do the same thing.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, October 18 2022 03:25 AM (LADmw)

5 Cutting the traces on the circuit board with an Xacto knife would also work.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, October 18 2022 12:05 PM (PiXy!)

6 a) unplugged keyboard b) screw driver to pry off key c) glue switch to prevent motion d) replace key probably some issue with this oh, wait, laptop might be a bad idea on a laptop

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Tuesday, October 18 2022 02:12 PM (r9O5h)

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