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Daily News Stuff 5 October 2022

Musk Sticks Edition

Top Story

  • Elon Musk's on-again off-again hate affair with Twitter is apparently on.  (Ace of Spades)

    Lots of articles about this in the tech press, but they're mostly garbage.  No-one knows anything more than the bare announcement, and a lot of them are simply lying.

    The crazies - at, for example, Ars Technica - are going through the Five Stages of Leftist Grief on fast-forward:

    • Denial
    • Screaming
    • Screaming denial
    • Calling everyone Nazis
    • Threatening to move to Canada

  • Acceptance just isn't something they do.

  • Xbox arrived.  I assume it's the Xbox; I haven't opened it yet.  Either that or Microsoft is delivering Office 365 subscriptions via DHL now.

Tech News

  • UNSW's SMART protocol extends the coherence of spin qubits by a factor of 100.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Up to almost nothing.

  • The EU is passing legislation to require that all laptops be chargeable over USB-C.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Also smartphones, tablets, game consoles, headphones, keyboards, mice, portable navigation systems, e-book readers, portable speakers, and cameras.  The rule will apply to smaller devices from 2024, and to laptops starting in 2026.

    USB-C recently gained the ability to deliver up to 240W, which should run any laptop that doesn't set fire to your lap, but while there are cables that claim to support this standard (and it's not that hard, since the current stays the same at 5A max), I haven't seen a USB charger that can put that much power out on a single port.

  • Samsung has started mass production of 3nm chips.  (Liliputing)

    2nm is scheduled to enter production in 2025, and 1.4nm in 2027.

  • Volume 4B exists.  (Stanford)

    For those out of the loop, that's Volume 4B of Donald Knuth's classic The Art of Computer Programming.  Since Volume 1 was published in 1968 and there are expected to be another four volumes (4C, 5, 6, and 7) we had all better wish Knuth good health and an extremely long life.

Disclaimer: Taking time out to develop your own typesetting software is always an acceptable excuse for late delivery of a manuscript.

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1 I'm not typically in favor of government bureaucrats setting standards by fiat, but the failure to standardize power adapters has been going on for so long that for once I'm not opposed.  I recently moved and just got my desk setup yesterday.  I've got most of the cable management ok, but the rats nest of power cables is ridiculous.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Wednesday, October 05 2022 09:52 PM (B6T+/)

2 Screw apple and the eu, I want a great big ol' 8-pin DIN connector on my phone.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, October 06 2022 08:52 PM (obo9H)

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