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Daily News Stuff 4 September 2022

External September Edition

Top Story

  • Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, Wednesday:

    Some argue that we should terminate these services to content we find reprehensible so that others can launch attacks to knock it offline. That is the equivalent argument in the physical world that the fire department shouldn't respond to fires in the homes of people who do not possess sufficient moral character. Both in the physical world and online, that is a dangerous precedent, and one that is over the long term most likely to disproportionately harm vulnerable and marginalized communities.

    Today, more than 20 percent of the web uses Cloudflare's security services. When considering our policies we need to be mindful of the impact we have and precedent we set for the Internet as a whole. Terminating security services for content that our team personally feels is disgusting and immoral would be the popular choice. But, in the long term, such choices make it more difficult to protect content that supports oppressed and marginalized voices against attacks.

    Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince today:
    Yeah, forget all that.

Tech News

Tech Video of the Day

This gets pretty technical, but it covers the semiconductor industry's plans out to 2036 - when they expect to be at something called the 2A node - 0.2 nanometres.  

That's smaller than the diameter of an atom, but as the presenter notes a couple of times, these numbers are marketing, not measuring any physical reality.

Disclaimer: There's a bear in there.  And a chair as well.  There are people with games.  Nope, the bear's eaten them.

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1 Shot and Chaser appear blank to me.

Posted by: Mauser at Monday, September 05 2022 04:27 AM (BzEjn)

2 Mauser: They are embedded tweets. If you are using Brave, there is a setting to enable/disable embedded tweets in the Social media blocking pane in Settings.

Posted by: benzeen at Monday, September 05 2022 06:31 AM (Pp4BU)

3 That Tweet warning thing?  Last year I got curious, when FB started putting coof "info" boxes all over posts, so I screenshotted a post with one and posted that, and it got a warning, so I did it again.  I got bored around the 7th iteration.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, September 05 2022 10:35 PM (BMUHC)

4 Nope this is with Firefox. No embedded tweets are showing here. And this whole site is whitelisted in noScript.

Posted by: Mauser at Tuesday, September 06 2022 06:14 AM (BzEjn)

5 Maybe it depends on the version of Firefox?  I can see the embedded tweets but I am using a pre-openly Woke version of Firefox, so it is definitely far from the latest version.

*Yes, I know I need to move to a different browser, like Brave (Which I am looking at.).  Have not made up my mind yet, and at least Edge is not completely terrible as a backup.

Posted by: cxt217 at Tuesday, September 06 2022 08:12 AM (2tHvf)

6 My experience with FF was that the privacy settings were really aggressive about blocking embedded tweets, probably through the anti-tracking stuff, and I had to selectively dial it back a bit to see it--or I would just open the page in Incognito mode to disable some of the anti-tracking temporarily (or maybe I just used a different browser instead, I forget which.  I quit using FF after they went woke.)

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, September 06 2022 11:23 PM (BMUHC)

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