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Pikamee vs. GlaDOS Music Video of the Day

I kinda miss Pikamee's old model, seen here.  The new model is more detailed, but it's also a lot more mainstream.  Her original character had, well, character.

Of course Pikamee is still Pikamee, beloved bilingual kettle dolphin.

Disclaimer: Stop fetishising psychosis.

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1 There are both people justifying the purchase of that bottle, and others whining about "how dare you!  what about glowball wormening!" for the thing even existing.

Too bad the two groups aren't interacting.  But I did appreciate the "I try to drink 130+ ounces a day" guy, who made no mention of whether or not he's doing anything that would make that amount of water make sense.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, May 30 2022 01:18 AM (BMUHC)

2 That teacher sure bent over backwards trying to justify his students cheating and to make excuses for them.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, May 30 2022 01:32 AM (BMUHC)

3 But what if I identify as an anti-communist paramilitary secret policeman, with an industrial engineering degree, an admiration for Vasily Blokhin's 'production rate', and a list of of the actually dangerously insane communists?

Could not fetishising that psychosis be a tactical answer to all the weaponized fetishising of psychosis that the communists have been doing?

I mean, our goals are  not reciprocal, so we would expect that our best tactical options would not be reciprocal. And, in all serious sincerity, I expect that our best tactical options are not in mirroring the communist tactics.

I just feel that asking questions sometimes makes points that I cannot make in other ways.

And, when we go to standards of evidence that don't depend on people reporting their mental qualities, I will have to retire some of those questions.  Figuring them out was fun, and sharing them is often fun, so retiring them will probably be bittersweet.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, May 30 2022 01:46 AM (r9O5h)

4 Rick C, re: teacher and cheating

a) good teachers are performers, and it is sane for a performer to try to look objectively at how effective they are
b) quite a lot of academic coursework is bullshit. 

Most of it is not applied mathematics, where "don't like it, leave" is a fairly legitimate take on people who have no interest in learning.  For some other fields, theory has some obvious tests that if applied would be evidence that it is false. 

Those fields would disappear or have to throw out the theory, and the old experts, if they were not bringing in new suckers, and bamboozling them until sunk costs keep them from being willing to see that the theory is wrong.  The current 'scholars' in those fields may be heavily, rote, stupid, or evil/dishonest.  The dishonest ones are less concerned about academic integrity, so long as the fraud is well hidden.  Honest ones may still be bright and creative enough to have suspicions from time to time about the utility of the work.

So, it is actually pretty plausible that a relatively decent instructor might deep down suspect that he is in the wrong, and that be a lot more charitable towards cheating. 
c) applied mathematics is one of the few areas where applied passion in scholarship can have seriously bad results if used towards the wrong ends, and where every instructor realizes this, and somewhat tries to direct students towards 'correct' ends.  Focusing on inspiring emotional engagement from students is perhaps not always obviously wrong.

Ooh, and re: water.  I probably drink a fairly substantial amount of water every day.  Far from sure how much.  Mainly, weird medical situation, including guts that do not work 'right', and drinking a lot of water seems to be important.  Ideally, I could fix some fundamentals, and adjust some fo the other stuff to a more normal range, etc.  Right now, I do not entirely know what is going on, or what to do.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, May 30 2022 02:06 AM (r9O5h)

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