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Daily News Stuff 1 February 2022

Heck Week Edition

Top Story

  • The soft bigotry of lowered expectations:

    2019: Dammit, they're out of triple-cream Brie.  Do we really have to settle for double-cream?

    2022: Check it out baby!  Name-brand toilet paper!

  • Hot new NFT marketplace LooksRare has already done $8 billion in sales.  (Decrypt)

    If you're thinking "I bet most of that is fake", then you're right - 87% of those sales are users buying their own NFTs to drive up the price.

    In an effort to stabilise their marketplace and restore buyer confidence, LooksRare has implemented strict measures to...  Who am I fooling?  They haven't done squat.

    I'd be surprised if it lasts the year.

Tech News

  • Test driving PhoenixNAP's Bare Metal Cloud.  (Serve the Home)

    I'm running a bare-metal cloud server here in Sydney for development until I finish rebuilding my lab (still have boxes everywhere) and it's great.  Unlike a typical cloud server, you get an entire physical server, sitting in a rack, reserved entirely for you.  And unlike a typical dedicated server, you have a dashboard where your could spin up a new server for an hour, a day, a week, a year, whatever you need, have it online in a minute or so, and shut it down when you're done.

    PhoenixNAP's pricing is very close to what I'm paying here in Sydney - a six core server with 64GB RAM and 1TB NVMe storage is $105 per month, though the one I have here has 800GB mirrored instead, and the PhoenixNAP server has dual 10Gb Ethernet rather than 1Gb.

    It's about a quarter the price of Amazon while retaining the pay-by-the-hour flexibility.  You don't get all of Amazon's add-on services, but you should run a mile from Amazon's add-on services if you possibly can; they serve purely to lock you into that platform and Amazon has proven it cannot be trusted.

    The biggest difference though is bandwidth pricing.  Bandwidth on all the big clouds is highway robbery - $90 per terabyte at Amazon and IBM, and something similar at Google and Microsoft.

    With PhoenixNAP, $90 will buy you fifty terabytes of bandwidth with a few bucks left over for coffee.

    RAM is plentiful too.  Except for a couple of budget models, you get 64GB, 128GB, or more.  The only problem is storage.  The reasonably priced options have only 1TB or 2TB of storage, which is not really a lot.  My laptops have 5TB.

    They do offer their own S3-compatible cloud storage at $23 per TB per month - including 30TB of free bandwidth, which would cost $2700 at Amazon.  So if you're storing a lot of image or video files, it could take that load off your servers.

    I really like having a dashboard where I can just go clicky-clicky and provision new servers.  I really hate cloud pricing - and the general behaviour of Big Tech.  So for me this platform is something that bears looking into.

  • Speaking of hating the general behaviour of Big Tech 84% of app developers support an antitrust bill targeting Apple and Google's app stores.  (The Hill)

    Justin Trudeau will be along in a minute to explain why this is a fringe minority of racists.

  • The new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed.  (Ask a Manager)

    A new type of parasite is taking advantage of remote work and remote hiring, having a qualified candidate show for the interview and then an alien bug in a skin suit  turn up for the job.

    In this case there's a happy ending involving a jumbo-sized can of Raid, but in some corporations this is likely going undetected.

Party Like It's 1981-ish Video of the Day

Disclaimer: You've got Bette Davis eyes?  Ew.  Put those back.

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1 I'm apparently in the entirely wrong line of work.
I decided to get my degrees in fields where I thought I might be able to make an impact on technology, and move humanity forward. I became an aerospace engineer, then a plasma physicist. These days I write software to solve very complicated math for other people's problems.
Jokes on me! I should have been dipping my hand into the startup-scene where there is always some inexplicable firehose of bullshit money chasing bullshit ideas. Retire early, then work on something self-directed that has a hope of actually amounting to something, rather than dying under a mountain of bureaucracy and idiotic empire-building secrecy.
Just sticking a 0.1% transaction fee into that $8 billion dollars of NFT lunacy would allow everyone involved to escape the debt-trap of modern serfdom and do something else with their lives. All it takes is an entirely alien mindset I probably have no hope of successfully pulling off. :-/

Posted by: MadRocketSci at Wednesday, February 02 2022 01:07 AM (hRoyQ)

2 That interview-ringer article is basically the plot of Gattaca.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, February 02 2022 01:39 AM (Z0GF0)

3 Had a ringer show up in-office back when we all were chained to desks; she'd do nothing all day then magically code would show up in the repo that was checked in from India.

Not very good code, either.  Took about a week to catch on and throw out.

Posted by: DougO at Wednesday, February 02 2022 06:29 AM (G1vK4)

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