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Daily News Stuff 1 April 2022

Not Making This Up Edition

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  • I have my agent checking the contract on my first alternate now.  Assuming there's no major issues and no-one has already grabbed it (and there's no indication of that so far), I'm prepared to go over asking price if needed, because this one has the right combination of being ready to move right in and have the potential for improvement - because you could park a freight train in the garage.

    Speaking of which, the craziest damn house popped up in my tracker just now.  Seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, four living rooms, two kitchens, two laundries, nine car spaces, five minute easy walk through the park to the shops, and in my price range.

    Except (a) it's for auction at at the end of the month so who knows what the final price will be, and (b) it was built in 1957 and could grace the cover of a James Lileks book with the word "regrettable" in the title.

  • CNN+, the new pre-failed streaming service from the former news network, is planning to sell NFTs of its first half hour of content.  (Ace of Spades)

    If this doesn't kill NFTs I think they might be immortal.

    What are NFTs, you ask?

    Well, think of a baseball card.  It doesn't have any special intrinsic value - it's just a piece of cardboard.  It doesn't give you any influence over the player, of course, or let you attend a game.  It's just a piece of cardboard.

    Now, imagine a digital baseball card - it's just a file on a computer somewhere.

    An NFT is like a digital version of a photocopy of a 3x5" index card that lists the address of the locker at the bus station containing the baseball card, so that if you remember the locker combination you can take it out and, um, put it into another locker, with the added bonus that eight billion people with hacksaws and power drills have easy 24x7 access to the bus station, and even so, there are people willing to spend six figures on these damn things.

    I can only sleep at night by telling myself that it's probably mostly money laundering and what these people really do for a living is something relatively wholesome like smuggling heroin or land mines or endangered monkeys or maybe all three each nested inside the other like so many addictive explosive hyperactive Russian dolls.

    Because, yes, my job is mostly NFTs these days.

    Which is why I can afford a seven bedroom house - albeit in a country town; this thing would be eight figures easy if it was in an upmarket suburb in Sydney - but I'd almost sooner live in a cardboard van by a cardboard river.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I'm holding out for extremely weird.

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1 Samsung selling replacement parts and tools to repair a one year old phone is fine because that's when the warranty is out but you still want to fix it because it's still getting updates and useful.

Posted by: Horn wearing Anon at Friday, April 01 2022 07:53 PM (9GEPh)

2 NFTs are how Big Tech, the PRC, and the DNC can continue to collaborate,  despite the bursting of the Chinese economy and  real estate scams.

All these effers  are busting out, meaning they all go bust faster.  They would have gotten away with it, if they had folded their hands and walked away from the game, but instead they will be busted.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, April 01 2022 10:25 PM (r9O5h)

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