Monday, May 16


Daily News Stuff 16 May 2022

Now Officially Extra Dead Edition

Top Story

  • When Luna implodes, Venus catches a cold.  Or something  (The Record)

    Venus Protocol - a decentralised finance thing of some sort - lost $11 million because it was using a pricing feed, Chainlink, that still had a minimum price of $0.10 when the price of Luna plummeted from over $100 to $0.01.

    So people could deposit worthless imaginary money and then use it as imaginary collateral to borrow imaginary money that had not yet collapsed.

    Other DeFi sites were hit by the same issue, though losses appear to be small compared to the $40 billion wipeout of Luna itself.

Tech News

  • Python is slow but is about to get faster.  (ZDNet)

    Python 3.11 is expected to be 1.25x faster than Python 3.10.

    PyPy - which already exists - is 4.5x faster than Python 3.10.

  • Will the upcoming Ryzen 7950X have 24 cores?  (WCCFTech)

    Maybe.  Would be nice.  With the other details we know (5nm process, DDR5 RAM, 170W max TDP) it should be possible.  And it would reduce the need for the lower-end Threadripper parts - a 24-core Zen 4 pat would be close to the speed of a 32-core Zen 3.

    And Intel is planning 24-core desktop chips for later this year, albeit 8 fast cores and 16 slow cores, where AMD's chips would have 24 full-size cores.

  • In 500 metres, crash directly into the ground.  (Business Insider)

    Crashed Russian aircraft in Ukraine allegedly have consumer grade GPS receivers taped to the flight console.  Had.  Had consumer grade GPS receivers taped to the flight console.

  • Heroku is having a bad day.  (Brandur)

    And has been for three weeks.

Disclaimer: Which is about average for my bad days, now that I think about it.

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