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Daily News Stuff 15 October 2022

Scratch Monkey Edition

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  • Everyone going to the World Cup (a soccer thing) needs a burner phone.  (NRK)

    The apps you are required to install to enter the country and attend soccer games are, well, problematic, in the traditional sense that they have and/or cause problems:
    When you download these two apps, you accept the terms stated in the contract, and those terms are very generous. You essentially hand over all the information in your phone. You give the people who control the apps the ability to read and change things, and tweak it. They also get the opportunity to retrieve information from other apps if they have the capacity to do so, and we believe they do.
    Always carry a burner phone when entering an authoritarian country, which is to say, a country, and always mount a scratch monkey.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Here's to Mabel and all the other possibly apocryphal monkeys who gave their lives in the name of poorly planned hardware upgrades.

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1 Addddddddddderallllllllllllllllllll is just amphet[aeiou]mine of some sort, right?  Just take those little white weight-loss pills they sell in truck stops!  And pick up another C.W. McCall 8-track and a 40oz pack of beef jerky while you're in there.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, October 16 2022 01:01 AM (obo9H)

2 It is interesting that it describes the Engineering regulatory situation with Canadian provinces.

Because the American situation is a bit different.

To my knowledge, private companies are not charged for use of the engineer title.  Nor are private company employees required to have an accredited engineering degree or a state board credential, outside of a very few specific circumstances.

Where the US state boards are fussy is with the PE credential, and any sort of advertisement to the public that one is an engineer, or billing that labels the work engineering.  The advertisement, the billing, the stamping and sealing of documents, etc., are where the state boards feel they have grounds to enforce rules. 

Note, there is disagreement here with what the State Boards get up to.  In particular, PhDs who teach engineering degree courses, especially in certain disciplines, can feel that they should be allowed to do business as engineers, and not have to meet any sort of PE requirement. 

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Sunday, October 16 2022 02:39 AM (r9O5h)

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