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Donuts Vs Pretzels Edition

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  • Elon Musk continues to use Twitter as his personal salt mine.

    He knows liberals are idiots, and they have no way to cancel him.  Let them hate so long as they seethe.

  • Kobo Kanaeru of Hololive Indonesia was one of the vtubers to be banned following a deliberate spam campaign designed to get vtubers banned.  YouTube did nothing to filter the spam or ban the spamming accounts, but they did ban the users targeted by the attack.

    Because they're retarded.

    Hololive management kicked up a fuss and got her account restored.

    And now YouTube has done exactly the same thing again, for exactly the same reason, not even a week later.

    Because they're retarded.

  • Good dog.  (Notes from Poland)

  • I learned the general form of Seven Colour Map Theorem today.

    If you draw a map on a flat sheet, or a tube, or a sphere, and there are no special rules - no enclaves or empires that need to be specific colours - you only need four colours to make sure no two bordering countries are the same colour.

    On a Mobius strip you need six colours.

    On a donut, or a coffee cup - any surface with one hole - seven.

    On a pretzel - a surface with three holes - nine.

    And so on up to twelve colours for a surface with six holes, called genus 6.

    On more complicated surfaces - genus 7 and higher - the number is given by the formula

    Which is not what I was expecting.

  • Aya has announced three new hand-held gaming PCs.  (Liliputing)

    The Neo Air, smaller and lighter than the Steam Deck.  This one is due this month and uses a Ryzen 5000 series APU, probably one of the cheaper / low power models.

    The Neo 2, with the latest Ryzen 6800U laptop chip.  This will more than twice as fast as the Steam Deck - once it gets here.

     The Neo Slide with a sliding screen and a full keyboard underneath.  No schedule on this one; it has the same specs as the Neo 2 plus the keyboard.

    These are all fairly capable computers that will run Windows (and probably Linux with some driver fiddling) with USB 4.0 for charging, external displays, and whatever else you can't fit inside a one pound device with a 7-inch screen.

  • Speaking of Ryzen APUs they have a new one on the way.  (WCCFTech)

    Where the 6800U has 768 GPU cores, the Instinct MI300 will have 28,160.

    Of course, the Instinct range is compute GPUs and not laptop chips, but this is the first model to include Ryzen CPU cores as well.  And it's expected to draw 600W of power rather than 12W - which is actually reasonable given the relative core counts.

  • Western Digital has announced 22TB CMR and 26TB SMR drives.  (Serve the Home)

    SMR has a major problem when used in RAID arrays - rebuilding an active array after a drive failure takes forever.  I've gone with SMR drives for my home storage because it's so much cheaper - literally half the price - since I can just write to a different drive if I need to replace a failed disk.  

    Not so great in a datacenter, where you kind of expect the data to stay where you put it.

Disclaimer: It ain't what you put, it's the place that you put it.

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1 While in college, one student on our dorm floor was in a class where the instructor challenged the class to come up with a solution for putting eight queens on a chess board, where none could capture another in just one move.  Several of us got together and came up with several solutions that the instructor was not aware of smile

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