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Daily News Stuff 12 April 2022

Pixylon 5 Edition

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  • There are curtains in the bedrooms.  Not in the media room or the main living / dining area though.  The listing photos didn't show any curtains at all, but they were there by the time of the video walkthrough.  (Brand new house.)

    I don't mind installing matching curtains in the other two rooms, even if that accounts for half of all the windows in the house.  I get to see just how they fit in with carpet and paint colours rather than having to guess.

    And I was leaning towards curtains rather than blinds anyway because as a modern design there's not a lot of warmth or soft edges and also blinds suck.

  • Pinterest plans to block all climate misinformation.  (The Guardian)

    Wait, there's information on Pinterest?
    Pinterest is defining misinformation broadly: the company will take down content that denies the existence or effects of climate change or its human causes, as well as content that "misrepresents scientific data” in order to erode trust in climate science and harmful, false or misleading content about natural disasters and extreme weather events.

    So the idiots who blamed the Tongan volcanic eruption on global warming?  Banned.

    People who claim to be fighting global warming but also oppose nuclear power?  Banned.

    Michael Mann?  Banned.


    Wait, they're not actually going to enforce their rules?  Well, that sucks.

Tech News

Disclaimer: mu.nu - still only eight cents a day.

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