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  • Meritocracy is bad, say people without merit.  (Tech Crunch)
    "The post is misguided because people who support the meritocracy argument are ignoring the structural reasons some groups are more likely to outperform others," Mutale Nkonde, a founder working in AI policy, told TechCrunch.
    "A founder working in AI policy" is code for oxygen thief.
    "We all want the best people for the job, and there is data to prove that diverse teams are more effective."
    If they are more effective, then by definition, they are at the top of a meritocracy.

    The problem is, they're not, and you know they're not, but you are not allowed to admit it.
    Emily Witko, an HR professional at AI startup Hugging Face
    Oxygen thief.
    told TechCrunch that the post was a "dangerous oversimplification," but that it received so much attention on X because it "openly expressed sentiments that are not always expressed publicly and the audience there is hungry to attack DEI." Wang’s MEI thought "makes it so easy to refute or criticize any conversations regarding the importance of acknowledging underrepresentation in tech," she continued.
    Well, yes, because DEI is fraudulent.

Tech News

Time Patrol Bon

Thinking this is not a children's show, based on the period-accurate costumes in Minoan Crete and two lead characters getting gored to death by an angry pot roast.

And now they're at the Battle of Okinawa, which was not a fun time for anybody involved.

Oh.  Yeah, playing Russian Roulette with an automatic is not theme commonly found in kid-friendly entertainment.

The base timeline in the story continues to be weird.  Tokens of the 2020s - this episode, a flat-screen TV - but a woman who would have been in her fifties in the manga had to be rewritten into her nineties.

Disclaimer: I am Chaos, the end of ends, a steel rose trapped in a cage of ice, your best friend, Baelz Hakos of Hololive English.  Witness me!

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1 'data' to 'prove'

If you are allowed academic style curated speech, you can 'prove' anything, even with garbage data or good data that contradicts your conclusion, because admissible speech is not allowed to point out that your conclusion makes no sense from your presented evidence. 

DIE is itself a bunch of magical word phrases that people give power over themselves by trying to suck up while they are in school.  (And/or, they are genuinely stupid and ignorant, and their rote grasp of theory is incapable fo discernment.)

'Structural' has been borrowed from a potentially valid area of theory to make the usual garbage behavioral models look more prestigious. 

The basic issue is that the people who care about 'representation' do not represent anyone but the academically insane, and they make themselves unfit for many of the purposes of people not crazy in that way. 

Ordinary first worlders care a bit about peace, adn civilization.  The folks in critical theory purport to represent people of similar demographic, but seem to think that peace and civilization are evil magics.  For maybe all demographics, this is a deal breaker in terms of truly representing the real 'truth' of that demographic, if any can be said to exist.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, June 24 2024 09:39 PM (rcPLc)

2 Yeah, their "proof" is a correlation between profit and DEI, which can equally be taken as only wealthy companies can afford this insanity. 

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, June 24 2024 09:59 PM (PiXy!)

3 I'm currently bouncing back and forth between seeing DEI as either A. A Soviet subversive social-engineering program to undermine the West that was picked up by the Chinese and subsequently metastasized out of their control into something that makes cancer look benign or B. an attempt by the elites to Reset the successful middle-class men (aka potential future competition) and a step on their plan to create their own little aristocracy or C. Both.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Tuesday, June 25 2024 12:37 PM (KA0tm)

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