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Minecraft Modpack Mathematics

I was wondering why memory usage and load time seemed to be increasing exponentially as my Minecraft modpack grew.

The answer turns out to be that it seems that way because it is.

And the culprit turns out to be the utterly innocuous and very useful Every Compat (Wood Good), which is in itself only 2MB.

What this mod does is let you create any wooden item from any type of wood, whether the item and the wood are in the base game or in a mod.

So if you add a mod that lets you craft new types of wooden roof - Macaw's Roofs, for example - that works with every type of wood, automatically.

That mod is also just 2MB.

And if you add a mod that adds new type of wood, like the mauve wood in Regions Unexplored, that can be used to craft doors and pickaxes and any other wooden item in the game, automatically.

That mod is still small at 5MB.

But when you have a couple of dozen mods of each type, adding in Every Compat multiples them together and eats as much memory as all the other mods combined - about 2.5GB.

So now I'm well within the 4GB limit again, and can put back some of the mods I took out.

Update: All of them, in fact.  Blue Skies is back, as is The Undergarden, and Better Nether and Better End.  I'll see if I can configure Naturalist and Dungeons Arise to behave themselves and I can put those back as well.

Update 2: Well, not quite.  While it did start up and let me generate and enter the world, the Java heap filled up quickly after that and the game started to lag badly.  So if it's to be playable I either need to trim things back or increase the heap allocation.  I've set it to 8GB for testing, which is better than the 12GB I had previously, but there will probably be some cuts to the mod list.

  • Dropped Naturalist in favour of Untamed Wilds and Exotic Birds.
  • Removed Sky Villages because neat as it is, there's no config file and they keep showing up at spawn.
  • Further trimming is likely.  Base Minecraft 1.20.1 has 1146 different items in it.  My modpack increases that to 29,675, or counting Chisels and Bits, around 1012000.

  • Rebuilt a "lite" version that runs acceptably in the default Minecraft memory settings (4GB heap).
  • Lite version removes most of the large mods, including BetterEnd, BetterNether, Blue Skies, Twilight Forest, Aether addons, and Biomes O' Plenty.
  • Still includes Nullscape, Incendium, base Aether mod, and also Create and the Steam and Rails addon.  Additional biomes are supported by Terralith (100+) and Regions Unexplored (70+).
  • Item count is now 19,167, including 1146 from Minecraft itself, while reducing the modpack size from 949MB to 232MB.  Plus the 1012000 from Chisels and Bits.
  • Also includes the new wolf variants that will be in 1.21, plus four original wolf variants, four cat variants, a new fox variant, and many variants of chickens, sheep, cows, and pigs.
  • Also an annoying camel.
  • Bird life added with Exotic Birds.
  • Fish life expanded thanks to Unusual Fish.
  • Miscellaneous mammalia introduced by Untamed Wilds.
  • Arthropods courtesy of Canes Wonderful Spiders.
  • Reptiles provided by What the Geck'o.
  • Creepers supplied by Creeper Overhaul.  You're welcome.
  • Big box of crayons purchased at Dye Depot, doubling the regular in-game dyes to 32.  This works with wool, carpets, terracotta (including glazed terracotta), glass, and concrete.
  • Big boxes of chalk found at Chalk and Chalked - one for building and one for writing.
  • Quarks irradiated by Quark.

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1 I've been playing a couple of interesting modpacks recently:  Desertopolis and Frozenopolis.  Inspired by skyblock, but not actually skyblock, they're sort of single-biome worlds.  Desertopolis is almost all desert, including some small badlands areas, and Frozenopolis uses regular Minecraft worldgen, except it's a snowstorm all the time everywhere.  Ore resource gathering is done via alternate methods, again like skyblock.  With Desertopolis, you get basic ores like iron by feeding deepslate into a machine called the Extractinator that converts it into iron and lapis.  There are a full set of lapis tools and armor.  Frozenopolis uses Botania generating flowers to create ore blocks.  Both use a mod called Tough as Nails which adds heat and cold to the world--you have to wear appropriate armor or you'll overheat or freeze and die.  Challenging but kind of fun!

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, March 24 2024 09:38 AM (BMUHC)

2 What I'm trying to build is a modpack that looks completely vanilla at first, but then opens out in multiple directions as you explore.

Having some trouble with mods that have inadequate config options so that I spawn a hundred feet in the air at the top of a ninja temple and then plummet directly onto a dragon.  Yes, both of those things are in the mods I installed, but I don't want to see them now.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, March 24 2024 10:54 AM (PiXy!)

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