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Daily News Stuff 9 December 2022

84 Is The New 120 Edition

Top Story

  • How much RAM do you need in your Windows PC?  Don't ask a journalist, they only use Notepad.  (ZDNet)

    Get a load of this:
    The time when more than 8GB of RAM becomes useful and starts paying for itself is when you're running several resource-heavy applications simultaneously -- especially high-end image or 4K+ video processing, CAD, or 3D modeling.
    Yeah when you're running Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Maya at the same time, 8GB might get a bit limiting.  64GB might also get a bit limiting.  People who run that sort of workload tend to buy systems with 256GB or more.

    I happened to reboot my laptop this morning.  By the time it had finished booting, before I opened a single application, 8GB of RAM was already in use.

  • Two of the three new servers have been deployed, just waiting on the third now.  Those have 128GB of RAM each.  128GB is probably enough.

    I now have an 84TB RAID-Z3 array with gzip compression and block deduplication. I have about 7TB (already gzipped and deduped) to copy onto it, so it should last a good long while.

    Update: Third server has been deployed.  Tentatively named Sana, Pomu, and Pina (from Hololive, Nijisanji, and Prism Project respectively).  They're running memtester right now because the last thing I want is to get everything set up and find out I've got bad RAM.

Tech News

  • Locating the new stealth bomber using the stars in the sky, JPEG metadata, and guesswork.  (Twitter)

    Looking at the photo, my first thought is there's no way that contains enough information to triangulate, even with a timestamp.  And it doesn't.  But the arc of possible matching locations in the United States comes near Edwards AFB, and if you look at all the buildings at Edwards in Google Maps there's a clear match to the photo.
    I'm sure this entire process could be done with just stars and no google maps as well
    Dude, using just stars they were lucky to discover America, which is somewhat larger than one aircraft hangar at Edwards AFB.

  • Part two of the Twitter Files is out.  (Twitter)

    Here we see the usual suspects working to twist the rules to justify silencing inconvenient truths.  And they were dumb enough to write it all down.

    Nothing we didn't already know in general, but with more specifics to throw in the face of anyone insisting it didn't happen.

    Like Jack Dorsey, who was CEO at the time, and testified before Congress that none of this was taking place.

Disclaimer: Are there any news?

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1 Not saying that modren software is a touch memory hungry, but if you're compiling llvm or webkit, you'll need about 2G per core used, so as long as you're running a laptop from 2011, you shouldn't need more than 8G.

Posted by: normal at Friday, December 09 2022 07:46 PM (obo9H)

2 Modded Minecraft can easily eat 6, 8, or more GB of RAM.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, December 10 2022 01:14 AM (k3/O4)

3 Then there was the computer guru who said PC users would never need more than 640K RAM.....snort.

Posted by: Frank at Sunday, December 11 2022 03:04 PM (rglbH)

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