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Daily News Stuff 14 December 2019

Member Is A Reserved Word Edition

Tech News

  • "Member" is a reserved word in MySQL 8.17 and 8.18.  Not in any version up to and including 8.16, and not from 8.19 onward.  Really.  (MySQL)

    The new system has a member table, and I just got it set up on a new server with latest Percona release of MySQL, upgrading from 5.7.  I ran the test suite today and it failed all over the place.

  • Western Digital has some new RISC-V cores.  (AnandTech)

    The EH2 core has a nine-stage dual-issue in-order pipeline with 2-way multi-threading (because in-order designs are prone to pipeline stalls - the Xbox 360 CPU was also designed this way) and measures 0.067mm2 on TSMC's 16nm process.

    That makes it about one hundredth of an inch in a side.

  • A pleasant contrast to that terrible story from yesterday.  (GameAnalytics)

    Sure, they're talking about saving a kilobyte here and there, but they're serving 5 billion requests a day.  Saving a kilobyte per request at AWS bandwidth rates is $22,500 per month.

  • Slow news day.  Might have to make something up if this continues.

Disclaimer: Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the worlds in the galaxy, she levitates into mine.

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