Saturday, November 11


Daily News Stuff 11 November 2023

Migraine Mania Edition

Top Story

  • Apple says 8GB of RAM on a Mac is equivalent to 16GB on a real computer.  But how does an 8GB Mac perform objectively on simple tasks?  Poorly.  (WCCFTech)

    If you leave your browser open with a bunch of tabs while using Lightroom, expect things to take 2.5x longer.  If you're using Final Cut Pro to edit video, up to 4x longer.

    There's absolutely no excuse for the existence of a $1600 laptop with only 8GB of RAM.  16GB of RAM is barely adequate for running any serious desktop task these days.

Tech News

  • Childhood vaccine rates are falling right across the US.  (Ars Technica)

    Some of the commenters even understand why.  Many of the childhood vaccines really are safe and effective, and we don't want a return of polio.

    But whenever the usual suspects try to blame conservatives, they run head-first into the fact that Mississippi has the highest vaccination rates in the US, and Hawaii one of the lowest.

  • Microsoft now wants to give you a quiz when you close OneDrive.  (PC World)

    There needs to be a write in option for fuck off and stay there.

  • Comments might be down for a few minutes between 2AM and 4AM Eastern tomorrow.  I'm setting up database replication on the server in preparation for some upgrades I'll be making to the blog.

Disclaimer: Good news is no news.

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