Sunday, December 06


Hell Bound and Heaven Sent

I wasn't feeling this season of Doctor Who as much as some of the recent ones (the Amy and Rory seasons, and the first Clara half-season), but they certainly went out with a bang.

Nothing Stephen Moffat likes better than messing with fans' expectations - except messing with fans' expectations of messing with fans' expectations.

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1 Next up: threesome with Jane Austen. The fanfic community must be turning handsprings.


Posted by: J Greely at Tuesday, December 08 2015 01:48 AM (ZlYZd)

2 This entire story line annoyed me, but the _ridiculous_ 4 billion years thing is probably what annoyed me the _most_. Plus,
Frankly, I'm kind of glad Clara's gone, she got on my nerves. Only now I'm dreading the _next_ Magical Girl companion. She'll probably actually be God this time.
BTW, the captcha question on your site is either broken or I'm missing something.  The question I've been seeing for at least a week is "what kind of fruit would you find in an apple pie" and neither "apple" nor "apples" is acceptable.

Posted by: RickC at Tuesday, December 08 2015 02:30 AM (ECH2/)

3 Oh, I will mention one thing I liked, though, Clara's passionate argument that you can't be _safe_.  Something a lot of people have forgotten these days.
It's almost like someone who's not a Brit is writing this stuff at times.  Reminds me of the first story of season 5 of MlP:FiM.

Posted by: RickC at Tuesday, December 08 2015 03:33 AM (ECH2/)

4 Yeah, it apparently never occurred to anyone that having the Doctor would ring false, no matter how they dressed it up. I was also disappointed that they didn't get ; the new guy seemed too generic to hate.


Posted by: J Greely at Tuesday, December 08 2015 06:20 AM (ZlYZd)

5 Haven't seen any news about the next companion yet, though I've been actively not looking, so that's all to the good. I'm hoping for someone more like Martha than any of the other recent ones. Or more than one companion, so that there's a more complex dynamic. Martha and Amy and Rory together have been my favourites from New Who.

Also, the fruit is fixed.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, December 08 2015 03:33 PM (PiXy!)

6 J Greely:  I didn't even want to bring up your first spoiler, as it was entirely too stupid.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, December 08 2015 11:44 PM (FvJAK)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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