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The Media Can Die In A Fire 8 April 2020

Adam Schiff - yeah, that asshole again - wrote a letter to the media:

And then subsequently leaked it to Acting DNI Richard Grenell:

Okay, that one's not real, but it should be.

It's really touching how Cartoon Network is breaking new ground with blind and mentally disabled members of its audience:

As evidence mounts that hydroxychloroquine is a useful treatment for at least some WBSDP patients, NBC desperately seeks a cloud to the silver lining:

Damn those doctors, always butting in where they're not wanted and trying to save people's lives.

Also, unless the virus is also now a tornado, you mean "wracked".

The "Exciting flavours of Wuhan" tweet got taken down, sadly.

This was an unmitigated fuckup, but it was not the media's fuckup.  For once.

Yeah, sure, let's allow a plague ship to dock right by the CBD of Australia's largest city.  And then allow everyone to wander off without any testing or tracking.  What's the worst that could happen?

Meanwhile, Vox are very upset that their media fellows might be required to do their homework.

Yes, they're venal, vapid, and vicious, that goes without saying, but above all else journalists are lazy.

So, before the great dark cloud, this happened:

CBS ran with the modified limited hangout when called on their bulshit by 26,000 people:

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