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Daily News Stuff 1 April 2023

No Foolin' Edition

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  • Twitter open-sourced its recommendation algorithm, as it said it was going to do.  (Twitter)

    I believe it was already leaked by a disgruntled former employee - pretty much all Twitter's former employees fit that category because they're communists - so nothing has really change except that it's official now.

    Reportedly this uses something on the order of a trillion CPU seconds per day - five billion iterations, each running across multiple CPU cores.  That would require twelve million cores, at a minimum, or 62,500 dual 96-core Epyc Genoa servers.  Call it 1500 racks stuffed full of the latest server equipment.

    The results speak for themselves though: Everybody turns it off and goes straight to the chronological feed because it's full of crap.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Microsoft is merely evil, not stupid.

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1 So if I was out of my mind, I would study that, and try to identify something cheaper and less bad, develop that algorithm, and use that to try to get hired at twitter, or something. 

I'm slightly curious how on earth they managed to develop such a thing.  But not curious enough to investigate.  I have a guess that is good enough for all of my purposes right now.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Saturday, April 01 2023 11:29 PM (r9O5h)

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