Friday, May 02


Oi! Come Back With That Idea!

There's this story idea I've been tinkering with regarding unimaginably ancient intelligent space ships that exist outside of our universe, and merely project some small part of themselves into our reality, leaving them with the ability to travel anywhere, anywhere at all.  I called them void ships.

New Doctor Who, season 2, episode 12.  I guessed what the thingy was about five seconds before the Doctor identified it - but I didn't expect them to steal my name as well as my idea!


Ah well, let's see where they go with it, since I got nowhere.

Update: Ooh, it's like a Kinder Surprise egg...  Full of scorpions... When you're knee deep in a snake pit.

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1 All up Doctor Who has been great.

Its light and fun, especially with David Tennant. I miss the edge that Christopher Eccleston brought to the Doctor. I'd have liked another season of him.

Regardless I've liked how they put just enough thought into things to make it work. Wibbley wobbley timey wimey.

My all time favourite episode was Blink. More Sally Sparrow I say.

Posted by: Andrew at Monday, May 12 2008 09:34 AM (HH43m)

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