Friday, November 14


Miracle Of Miracles!

I got the MetaWeblog API to do something useful today!

God, but blogging APIs suck.  Blogger 1.0, Blogger 2.0, MetaWeblog, Movable Type, Atom.  Line them up against a wall and nuke the wall from orbit.

Part of the problem is that they all use XML.  XML is designed for self-documenting data interchange, so naturally it's bad at both documenting and at interchanging data.

Part of the problem is that several of them use XML-RPC, which takes XML and then sucks out everything good.  Field names?  Who needs 'em?

The Atom API...  Well, it's XML, which is bad, and it's Atom, which is just plain weird for an API, and it was killed by Blogger almost before it was born.

And then there's the new Blogger API.  The client library for Python is about three times the size of the Minx code, docs, templates, and SQL definitions put together.  Eek.

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