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Disclaimer: Orange sauce.

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1 "Disclaimer: Orange sauce." 

What color is the orange sauce if its made with green oranges?

Posted by: bob in houston at Tuesday, December 05 2023 12:38 AM (YBLgY)

2 re: learned societies

Dude seems to be a toxic woke shithead.  Toxic woke shitheads are precisely why there are a few members of 'learned societies' who do not want to engage more widely.  Given lynch mob firings and wise foresight, engaging with the public on social media is gonna require time, skills, and thought.  Even then, may be quite frustrating and unrewarding.

Some of these societies have absolutely experimented with social media, beyond 'twitter'.  They seem successful to extent that organization members want to go there to discuss organization activities with other members.  More tyrannical the leadership is, more they demand hugbox echochambers, more likely members are to just disengage. 

If people are not making money off of doing something, than that business is not really sustainable.  As the communists deliberately and willfully fuck up the economy, that activity will get treated as luxury, and people will figure out a way to avoid doing it so that they can put food on the table instead.

Whining about 'nationalist' leaders misses the context that professional societies, and other similar learned societies, come from a specific time, place, and culture, and in theory serve a specific society's public.  People are wildly overestimating the shared consensus between cultures, societies and governments on the international scale, and are fooling themselves with 'world citizen', 'world' organization, 'global societal challenges' and supposing that subjects of totalitarian regimes are at all equipped to participate as equals.  They seek to evade national or provincial oversight by appealing to the world scale missions, but they basically ensure that they cannot meet national or provincial needs by doing so.  I think traditional Jews and Christians may have things to offer as learned scholars, because of the foundations of their thinking.  The communists sure as hell do not have anything to offer as learned scholars to a Jewish or Christian society, because the very first thing they burn to the ground and murder is theory and life of the mind. 

It is considered racist to suppose that some hunter-gatherer cannibal off in some remote and isolated location is not culturally and educationally equipped for doing the most advanced and excellent scholarship.  Well, the problem with the left is the same problem, the magical rituals practiced and how it has warped their thinking.  The 'income inequality' and other aspects of oppression and critical theory is actually precisely similar to the destructively warped theory of the serial killer cannibal.  Savage is a word that has legitimate uses that describe the real world, and also applies to people that have some ability to use sophisticated technological tools. 

(Now, some people on the left have driven themselves crazy enough that they cannot themselves make really excellent use of any complicated technology.  They may be in effect primitives, and not simply savages.)

It may be that the dude is simply a narrow obsessive fixed on a particular slice of social media, and is advocating it blindly based on nothing more than personal preference. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, December 05 2023 01:36 AM (r9O5h)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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