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An Evening With Christopher Hitchens

At FrontPage.

I have got to buy his new book, God is Not Great.  Hell, it reduced his own brother to spluttering inanities.

I don't agree with him all the time, but he's consistently entertaining and insightful.

Update: Bought. While I was browsing the atheism section, and getting irritated by books like this one, another guy came up and also picked up a copy of God is Not Great.

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1 I hereby proclaim your new comments thingy being attached to the RSS feed a smashing success!  Here are some of the reviews:

"I used to think there was no God.  Then I saw Pixy Misa's 'new comments thingy'." - C. Hitchens

"I didn't have anything to say, but it kept pulling me back in!" - A. Pacino

"The new comments thingy is the only thing that matters on this entire planet.  Perhaps even the universe." - NYT

Pat yourself on the back for me, would you?  And then fix the jawa smile .

Posted by: Kevin at Tuesday, June 05 2007 01:58 AM (1cRKV)

2 Oh, yeah.  Rusty is running on a different system again.  I really need to get both Rusty and Ace migrated to the new system, and if the damn servers would stop blowing up, I would do so. frown

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, June 05 2007 02:12 AM (PiXy!)

3 Ace works fine for me, but the jawas are a pain to comment on.  More reviews:

"Use the new comment thingy, if you want to live" - A. Schwarzenegger

"New comment thingy?  We need a steenking new comment thingy!" - Mexican federales discussing my pet jawa.

"Four out of five dentists prefer the new comment thingy" - ADA

"Peace is great.  New comments thingy is better." - Free Republic

"The new comments thingy is better than p-shopping blackface on people! - Firedog lake chick

"A 'must comment'!" USA Today

Was that last one too vague?  I was aluding to the 'a must read' statement that many reviewers use,.  I'm predicting the connection is weaker than I hoped.  Nevertheless, I stand by it!  It's a 'must comment' system!

BTW, these are actual quotes, as far as you know.

Posted by: Kevin at Tuesday, June 05 2007 04:31 AM (1cRKV)


Here's a rather obscure little quirk.

I wrote a post with quotation marks in the post title and saved it as a draft. When I opened it for editing later, Minx chopped the first quote mark and everything after it out of the title. Is punctuation in the post title going to be a no-no? The post URL doesn't seem to be affected.

Posted by: Will at Tuesday, June 05 2007 09:01 AM (SOx9v)

5 Not a no-no, just a bug.  Need to escape those quotes on the edit page!  Thanks.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, June 05 2007 10:22 AM (PiXy!)

6 Here's another weird bug:
If you type your comment in, then pound your computer repeatedly with a hammer, minx deletes the comment, and it's not recoverable as far as I can tell.  Please let me know when you have a workaround for this.

More reviews!

"Any comment system that is not the 'new comment thingy' can kiss my grits!" - Flo

"The tautology of the lugubrious pecuniary jejune (of quotidian proportions) that forces us to expurgate the abstemious, yet abjurious moiety, is, in fact, the new comments thingy." - William F. Buckley

"My diet is now successful, thanks to the new comments thingy" - Rose O.

"Now that I've seen the new comments thingy, I realize that Jews aren't really that bad!" - random muslim

Heh,.  Seriously though, your system is very impressive, and VERY fast.  I hereby swear that I will never ask you to use perl again.  For a while.  Like, a week or so.

Posted by: Kevin at Wednesday, June 06 2007 03:32 AM (1cRKV)

7 Use perl!

Dang, how long did I make it?

Posted by: Kevin at Wednesday, June 06 2007 03:33 AM (1cRKV)

8 Nearly a week.  Nearly.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, June 06 2007 09:38 AM (PiXy!)

9 I put Hitchens' book on my list, too. Then I realized I don't read books any more. Slowly, as I buy books and don't read them, my home is filling with literature. And guilt. I did this with magazines for about five years before I learned to stop buying them.

Posted by: S. Weasel at Wednesday, June 06 2007 05:47 PM (MecJo)

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