Friday, September 22


VMWare Server


It's not perfect - see my difficulties with the clock under CentOS, for example - but I expect that sort of thing will become less common as OS developers take up VMWare as an important target platform. Linux is Linux, though, so for now it's enough to know that Fedora 5 works fine.

I needed a new Windows PC at work, and I needed at least two servers to test Minx, and I needed a replacement for our ancient development box* and thanks to Intel and VMWare Server I have them all parked neatly under my desk.

I'd be happier if I had 8GB of memory rather than 4GB, but that's still a bit pricey at the moment - and opens up the 64-bit can of worms, which I didn't feel like doing just yet.

* A Pentium III 550.

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1 I've recently become a big fan of VMWare too.

We're running a Sun 4200 with VMWare, which powers four Windows 2003 servers, a BSD Server and a Windows 2000 server.

The latest version, which we'll be upgrading to when we get another 4200 allows for load swapping between servers. If it works like they say it does it'll be sweet.

Posted by: phin at Saturday, September 23 2006 12:52 PM (WxMId)

2 Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

Posted by: Bimbo at Monday, November 06 2006 10:49 PM (jvPJz)

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