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1 That was quick.  The game is purportedly immense.  Does it really suck that bad, that quick. Or maybe it just starts poorly?   (I've been waiting for this game for a long time.  I'm still a graphics card upgrade away at this point, and I'm wondering if it's worth it.)

Posted by: Shamus at Saturday, April 15 2006 10:02 AM (GDT1x)

2 It's probably just the beginning.  Plus the combination of the controls and the graphics gives me motion sickness.  Bah.

I suspect this one may be better suited to playing on a PC.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, April 15 2006 10:04 AM (nimvq)

3 Don't forget, there is a 'hidden' options screen too: alt-F-something-or-other. It has the switch for stand-alone DivX player compatability (which I use) and some other gadgets.

Posted by: ct at Saturday, April 15 2006 11:39 AM (iH6Wf)

4 Alt-F8 and Alt-F9, yep.  I needed to use those to force a consistent frame rate so I could reassemble the AVI files afterwards.

Not sure what that has to do with Oblivion, though. ;)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, April 15 2006 11:47 AM (nimvq)

5 I've heard that Bethesda ported the PC version from the Xbox version. So the controls are roughly the same.

Apparently there are mods for the PC to fix that though. If I do get it. It'll be on the PC where you aren't locked into buying mods from Live only.

Posted by: Andrew at Sunday, April 16 2006 09:58 AM (0585Z)

6 I can't believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $53528. Isn't that crazy!

Posted by: Betsy Markum at Thursday, May 25 2006 12:03 AM (2ALWj)

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